I was a little shocked (and frankly disappointed) when I heard who The Bachelor was going to be this season. Really, do we need the ratings to go up that badly ABC? I'm going to call this season 'click bait'—which is something used to attract views. Nick is far from a fan favorite, but he's who we got stuck with this season. He appeared on The Bachelorette during season 10 and 11, and also appeared on season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, and now is the Bachelor. So thanks Chris Harrison for brining him back. 

So here is a solution if it's hard for you to sit through these two hour episodes: a drinking game! I have come up with a way to make this season of The Bachelor a blast. Just tread lightly because you might have a light hangover on Tuesday morning for class or work. Don't say I didn't warn you.

When Corinne Has An Episode

Now, this is pretty common so I'm going to say just a small sip each time. Even then you'll be going through drinks like crazy. 

When Nick Gets A Little Too Personal For Reality TV

Come on dude this isn't Game of Thrones, so save it for the fantasy suite. I'm talking about the bouncy house. Whenever this happens, take another sip. 

Two On One Dates

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Christin Urso

If you worship chaos, then you live for these rare dates on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. They don't happen often, but when they do, it is sure to create waves. When this happen,s because it's so rare, you're going to pound a shot. 

Every Time You Hear Raquel's Name

Take two sips for this girl. After all, she deserves it. Since we hear about her far too often, to not add to her to this game would be totally unfair. Maybe even pour one out for her during the show. She needs it...

For Those Who Leave That Week 

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Caroline Ingalls

Although this show is riddled with comedy and drama, there are also sad moments. Especially when one of our dear ladies does not receive a rose and is sent home. When this happens, raise a glass for her because she just got asked to leave in front of millions of Americans. 

Whenever Chris Harrison Asks "How are you feeling?"

Without fail, Chris Harrison always utters these words to the girls and Nick. So whenever we hear this, it's time to take another sip of your drink. 

If The Episode Ends With Those Horrible 3 Words: To Be Continued...

You better down the rest of whatever you're drinking that Monday night. When these words fly across my TV, I'm always so annoyed, so a drink is definitely needed at this time. 

I hope that this awesome drinking game can help brighten your Monday night Bachelor viewing party. Make sure that you're not alone when you do this because that's not encouraged here at Spoon. We all know drinking as a group is always more fun.