Okay, so societal norms might make you think that reality television is for some reason just for girls, especially a show like The Bachelor. That means when you picture everyone’s favorite day of the week (AKA Bachelor Mondays) you probably picture a bunch of girls sitting around a television with wine and snacks in hand.

But, why can’t this be a guy thing too? Well, I discovered that it can be and it is. There are a certain group of college guys who find the catty drama, consistently high tensions, and ultimate search for love just as exciting we do. Yep, you heard that right. These guys would actually choose Monday night Bachelor over Monday night football. So, I asked a group of college guys their thoughts on season 21 of the The Bachelor, because I needed to know what they actually thought of Corinne. 

Why College Guys Watch It  

If you were to ask anyone, they could probably name countless television shows that are more substantive than The Bachelor. So, why do people watch it? Some girls watch it for the drama because let's be real, Taylor and Corrine going head to head week after week never gets old. And some of the guys I talked to feel the same way, it's all about the entertainment factor.

Other guys, though, have different end game in watching almost every girl's guilty pleasure show. One said, he saw it as an easy conversation starter with almost any girl, and also that it shows his more sensitive side. *10 points for being adorable* 

This elimination-style show has also proven to be perfect for "Fantasy Bachelor". For those of you unaware of this new phenomenon, it's pretty much Fantasy Football, but for the show. So, this draws in a lot of competitive college guys as football season comes to an end.

Thoughts on Nick

As, the most controversial Bachelor pick ever, Nick has led fans to either love him or hate him. I have my own thoughts about Nick, but what do college guys think of him? Well, they don't like him to say the least. They think his personality falls flat. Okay, that's a reasonable point.

Their Brackets

When I was talking to the guys about their frontrunners for this season, I honestly felt like we were talking about sports teams. These guys are so serious about their allegiance to certain girls, it's hysterical. Overall, they're all about Vanessa. 

One guy was a fan of Astrid and didn't realize she had been sent home, until one of his Bachelor-loving friends broke the news, so I had to share what I witnessed. 

"My favorites are Vanessa, Astrid and Whitney."                

"Wait, dude, Astrid’s not there anymore. She got eliminated." "Astrid? What??"

"Yeah, this week. She’s done."

*Cue genuine heartbreak*

Future Bachelors?

Okay, so it's clear that these guys would definitely consider themselves fans of The Bachelor, but would any of them actually consider being on the show? Though there were mixed reviews on this one, the consensus was definitely a yes. Except, not at Nick's age. These college guys are ready to hit The Bachelor stage now, they aren't interested in waiting until their mid-thirties. 

The Deal With Corrine

What kind of The Bachelor article would this be if I didn't ask the guys about Corrine. Don't worry, girls aren't the only ones to see the crazy in her eyes. The guys think that the way she acts on the show is almost a joke. They are convinced that she intentionally starts drama in the house. So, despite the pretty face, Corrine is definitely not someone any of these guys could see themselves wanting a relationship with.

Popular Monday Night Bachelor Snacks

No television show is ever complete without snacks. And I think all of you foodies would agree that there are different types of foods that go well with certain shows. When talking to the guys, I learned that The Bachelor and wine is just as popular for guys as it is for girls. Also, that chocolate and ice cream were two go-to's when Monday night rolls around. Sign me up. 

So, make sure to invite college guys to your next Bachelor viewing party because chances are they're just as invested in it as you are. (Still missing Astrid.) Plus, I bet they'll bring the snacks.