As both a loyal member of Bachelor Nation and an avid foodie, I am always thinking about two things: Monday nights at 8 and food. This season of The Bachelor is of course, the most dramatic season yet. With so much drama, you're gonna need a stomach full of tasty food and savory wine to keep you emotionally stable for the whole episode.

So as you sit down every week to get your Nick Viall fix, make sure you and your guests have something to munch on - trust me, it gets intense

1. Wine

The number one spot goes to, you guessed it, wine. A nice Rosé to be specific. You're right, wine is not often thought of as a "snack," but for Bachelor Nation, wine is its own food group. 

2. Ice Cream

chocolate, dairy product, sweet, ice, cream
Sarah Wu

Ice cream is the perfect TV snack, no matter what show. It satisfies your sweet tooth while also being quiet enough to let everyone hear the who gets the final rose.

3. Sushi

Now this may seem like a bit of an odd choice, but to me, there is nothing better than stuffing my face with sushi rolls while discussing who should get the group date rose.

4. Chips and dip

onion, corn, chili, sauce, salsa, pepper, tomato, vegetable, guacamole
Parisa Soraya

Chips and dip is the most well known duo as a snack food. Whether you choose queso, french onion, salsa or guac you can't go wrong with this tasty combo. One more thing, make sure you're only chowing down on crunchy chips during commercials. 

5. Trail Mix

granola, raisin, walnut, cereal, almond, dried fruit, sweet, nut
Sophie Pinton

We all have that one friend who brings their own food because they're on some type of new diet. So maybe have a healthy chex, fruit and nut mix ready for them in advance!

6. Take out... anything

Snuggling next to your bffs and ordering whatever takeout is fastest is always a good decision. Whether Chinese, pizza, sandwiches or wings, sit back, relax, wait for your food to come to the door and most definitely eat it out of the box. 

7. Homemade Cookies

goody, cake, oatmeal, pastry, sweet, cookie, chocolate
Caitlin Shoemaker

Whoever is hosting the Bachelor viewing party, should whip up some warm, chocolate chip cookies. Cookies are perfect to pass around and you can count on having no leftovers if they're homemade.

8. Chocolate Truffles

milk chocolate, chocolate candy, truffle, sweet, milk, candy, chocolate
Alma Wang

Even if you're not feeling heartbroken like one of the contestants who didn't receive a rose, everyone is a sucker for a little box of Valentine's chocolates. 

As you're planning your next Bachelor viewing party, I hope these tasty pairs will win over the hearts of your guests. So next week, pour that wine, eat your food, play your drinking games and try not to chew obnoxiously.