Next to your first frat party and first dage, the next big milestone in any blue hen's career is on the day they get to walk up to a bar bouncer confidently—real ID in hand. Here's not just a guide to turning 21 at the University of Delaware but an overall guide to living your best life at UD's bars:

Everyone's First Stop: Grottos

It doesn't matter if you're in the Courtyards or on Cleveland, or what day it is, you'll end up at Grottos one point or another. Be the star of everyone's snapchat stories as you anxiously wait for the bouncer to give you the O.K.. Your checklist once you're inside includes a slater race, that kinky whipped cream shot, and getting a duck from the machine. 

Up on a Tuesday: Deer Park

The Man. The Myth. The Legend: Jefe. He's known for giving Deer Park a line out the door on Tuesday nights. You've probably seen him at UDance, but it's at Deer Park with a drink in your hand that his jams really keep the night going.

Margs on Margs: Santa Fe

No more cheap tequila Tuesday in a frat basement. It's time for cheap tequila in a bar. Whether you favored Santa Fe before or after the Del Pez shutdown, it now stands as the best sit-down Mexican restaurant on Main Street. The Earth Hurricane Marg isn't on the Happy Hour Menu, but it's worth dropping $7.5 for a strong 12 ounce drink that goes down like water.  

An Age Divide: Finn McCool's

If she calls it Finn McCool's, she's too young for you. That's the new motto when it comes to those of us who remember the glory days of Catherine Rooney's. $5 pitchers are still offered on Thursday nights, giving us a reason to jam to the alternative band upstairs once a week before we head to Grottos to finish out the night. As hesitant as we all are, I say it's still worth going to.

Happy Hour Everyday: Klondike Kate's

Whether you're a nacho tuesday kind of person or not, Kate's has you covered each day of the week with their happy hour deals. This includes a well-known selection to pair with your Sunday brunch (I'm talking mimosas and bloody mary's). And just in case you miss the frats and are too afraid to admit it, Kate's knows how to have a party late at night.

$5 Cocktails: Stone Balloon

Stone Balloon offers one of the best cocktail deals on Main Street. A list that includes a strawberry mojito and a pomegranate martini is offered all day, everyday for just $5 each. That means pre-gamming the bars with a big meal and as many drinks as you can stomach. Just keep your cool a bit more considering how many people bring their parents here. 

A Mix of it All: Home Grown

Homegrown might not be the place for turning 21, but it's the place for hanging out once you have. It has a chill atmosphere for both their live bands and sunday brunches. The $1 mystery beers will be a saving grace once the gravy train of birthday drinks drys out.

The Next Morning: NDB or Hot Bagels?

The debate between NDB and Hot Bagels is far overdone by the time you turn 21, so odds are you head to whichever one is closest to you. So chug that pedialyte and see how long you go before "never drinking again" becomes a complete lie.