You’ve probably tried every hangover cure in the book, from pickle juice to the classic Sprite, but hangovers just seem to get worse and worse the older we get. So who would have thought going back to childhood remedies might be the best cure for this grown-up problem?


Photo by Catherine Lo

Everyone probably remembers drinking Pedialyte as a child, usually after a particularly bad bout of the flu. But recently this childhood drink is being targeted towards an older crowd as the newest hangover cure.

Pedialyte works by replacing lost electrolytes and fluids to prevent dehydration, whether that be a result of a child’s common cold or drinking too much ultimate jungle juice.

The drink contains a massive dose of potassium, as well as high levels of sodium, which signals to your body that it should retain water. This can be a magical combination for aching heads and upset stomachs after a night of indulgence. At less than 100 calories per liter bottle, Pedialyte does the same job as Gatorade with way fewer calories and less sugar.

Adults now make up about a third of the drinks’ market, after athletes let the secret out that it was great for dehydration. As a result, Pedialyte now comes in the form of fruity freezer pops and powdered drink packets for fun on-the-go fixes when you’re hungover and more subtle ways of drinking your childhood flu remedy.

Even big name celebrities are jumping on the Pedialyte bandwagon, including Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus. While Williams says he drinks one everyday, Pedialyte would probably work best as a hangover cure at the end of a night of drinking. Look out for more adult-focused products in the future, and never worry about wasting a day miserably laying in bed again.