If you need another reason to be obsessed with New York, add this to the top of your list. I present to you the best festival to ever exist: BrunchCon. It's "the world's premiere food + drink festival centered around brunch." 

There will even be a hangover lounge where you can get your fix of greasy food (in the darkness, of course). Brunch speed dating will be a thing, so they're basically giving you the opportunity to find your brunch soulmate. And, obviously, there will be a merch shop, a BrunchCon Market where you can buy all of the brunch swag of your dreams. 

The Vendors

Just because it's brunch doesn't mean you can't have dessert, too. You know the bubble waffles every one was obsessed with this summer? They're called Wowfulls, and they'll be at BrunchCon, too, providing you with those authentic Hong Kong egg waffles. Say "Wowfulls" out loud. Do you get the pun? Took me a minute, too.

Not in the mood for typical brunch fare? BrunchCon has got you covered with Mexican from Oaxaca Taqueria. Mimosas not really your thang? You can still get your alcohol fix with boozy snoballs from Sweetface Snoballs. Looking for a stimulant rather than a depressant? Cafe Grumpy will be there, so you can get your fix of your favorite Brooklyn roast.

What are the deets?

Where else would it be besides Brooklyn? General admission tickets are $55, VIP are $90, and you can get them both here. Tickets get you tastings from over 50 dank vendors (the live list is updated almost daily), and most importantly, access to the open mimosa bar. Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 26th at 11 am, and let the countdown begin.

Basically, BrunchCon is going to be like Smorgasburg, but exclusively for brunch. I really wish they would have this weekly, so I could go all of the time.