Cracking open a cold one with friends is fun and all, but we all know Wine Wednesdays reign supreme. Rosé holds a special place in summer wine nights specifically—the warmer the weather, the pinker the wine. Light, refreshing and, of course, aesthetically pleasing, it's no wonder that millennials are obsessed with this bubbly beverage. Embrace the obsession and scoop up some rosé related items to proudly display your allegiance to all things wine and pink.

1. Rosé Hard Cider 

Angry Orchard is already iconic, but when news hit that the brand came out with rosé ciders, the game changed forever. Angry Orchard's classic, crisp apple flavor is complemented with the floral notes from the rosé, making for a sophisticated sip. Serve this cider with a cheese board when you're having guests over to impress them with your adulting skills.

2. $5 Rosé

You don't need to dole out tons of cash for some quality wine. Target, aka every college kid's haven, is selling California Roots Wine. California Roots Wine is Target's assortment of $5 wines in all your favorite flavors: moscato, cabernet, and yes, even rosé.

3. Rosé Infused Candle

A wine night isn't complete without lighting some candles. Go above and beyond with a wine-scented candle from Rewined, made from recycled wine bottles. Sustainable, hand-crafted, and delectable? Stocking up now.

4. Pink Bubbly Lip Therapy

Windy and chilly temps aren't the only thing that can dry out your lips; the sun can do some damage as well. Protect and keep your lips soft with this rosy balm. Vaseline's limited edition Pink Bubbly lip balm is super moisturizing and smells like rosé—you don't need to buy any other lip product again.

5. Rosé Wine Glass

Did you think that I was going to forget about the necessities? Of course not! You're obviously going to need a glass to hold all your wine—might as well make it festive to celebrate each time you open a new cork. This glass is fun, yet somewhat elegant with simple gold lettering, and it also holds an impressive 21 ounces. Hydration is key, as the saying goes. 

6. Rosé Gummies

Sugarfina is known for cranking out boozy candies, including rosé gummies (yes, you read that right). From bears to roses, these candies are perfect for a graduation gift or party favor for your favorite rosé enthusiast.

7. Rosé Chocolate Bar

More of a chocolate person? Sugarfina makes that, too. High-quality white chocolate is infused with rosé and decorated with rosé bears, making for a creamier, sweeter and more decadent sweet treat.

8. Yes Way Rosé Sweater

Graphic tees and statement sweaters are always in style, so dress on-brand with this vintage-wash, lightweight pullover. It's perfect for throwing on when you're running late to class or want to be extra for a boozy Sunday brunch with your friends.

9. Rosé Club Membership

Finally, if you're really dedicated to all things rosé, join a three month rosé club (well, more like subscription). Though the price tag is hefty ($350), you get a total of 36 special edition wine bottles full of rosé over the course of the summer. Join just in time for summers by the pool or at the beach. 

Thirsty yet? Go out and treat yourself to one (or more, who am I kidding) of these rosé related items. We can all use a little more rosé in our lives.