You know that feeling when you go to Target for one thing and leave the store with a lamp, an outfit for Saturday, a candle, and a new handbag? Yeah, well get ready to add a bottle of wine to that list. It's nearly rosé season, so to quench your thirst, Target's California Roots has released a new exclusive rosé wine that won't break the bank. 

Meet California Roots Rosé

Target's California Roots Rosé hit store shelves on April 8, and it might just be the "it" drink of the summer. It has notes of fresh berry and citrus, and almost more importantly, is only $5. So keep an eye out, because it's now available to purchase at 1,200 Target stores nationwide.  

Refinery29 reports that the California Roots Rosé tastes good, but warn about a slight aftertaste. "We wish it was just a little bit smoother, but it's definitely on par with other less than $10 bottles," Refinery29 writes. PopSugar adds that the rosé "is perfect for guzzling at Summer barbecues or just afternoons at the pool." 

Sounds like you'll be getting for what you pay for, but whoever said cheap rosé was a bad idea?

California Roots Is Target's Own Line of Wine

In case you haven't heard, last August, Target launched California Roots, their exclusive line of wine line that sells for $5 per bottle. Talk about a steal! The first wines released with the new label included Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and a red blend, and they earned a Best Buy score from Wine Enthusiast. It's no wonder they quickly became some of Target's best selling wines.

Lucky for us, according to a press release, Target's goal is to have California Roots in 80 percent of its stores by the end of 2018 to aid their "ongoing effort to make Target America’s easiest place to shop."  

While Target is already a relatively easy place to shop (and spend all of your time and money), more wine, especially cheap rosé, can only enhance the experience.