Target is my go-to for everything: food, clothing, home stuff and more. I think I hit up Target at least once a week to check the aisles for something new, filling my cart with everything I want, and nothing I need. In the past couple of weeks, with a new school year quickly approaching, I've noticed the huge influx of college stuff. Whether you're shopping for your junior year apartment like I am, or your freshman dorm, there's plenty of stuff in Target to help you get ready for move-in day. College can be stressful, but college shopping doesn't have to be. Here are 25 Target college dorm essentials to throw in your cart.

Things to Make Food

1. Fun Measuring Cups and Bowls

A college kid's gotta eat, whether it's food from the dining hall or food made in the dorm room. If it's the latter, you know that most, if not all recipes call for measurements, so you might as well invest in some bright tools to make cooking fun. These colorful KitchenAid Measuring Cups should do the trick.  

2. Keurig Coffee Maker

I'm a self-proclaimed coffee addict. Funny enough, I didn't start drinking coffee heavily until college, but that's when my Keurig definitely came in handy. Target sells Keurigs in a variety of colors and sizes, so you if you're one of those who is decorating their dorm room based a certain color scheme, you can probably match your bedding with this one. 

3. George Foreman Grill

Not every dorm room has access to a grill top or an oven, so sometimes you'll need to get a little bit creative. A George Foreman grill is the perfect way to combat this issue. This grill cooks foods evenly and quickly, which makes it perfect for making a quick meal before running to a night class. Keep in mind, hot plates and mini grills might be prohibited in your dorm, so you'll either have to travel to a friend's apartment to get your grill on, or you know, hide this one away under your bed. 

4. Microwave

My first dorm came with a micro-fridge unit, so I didn't have to worry about how I was going to make Easy Mac. But if you're not so lucky, you'll def need to buy a cheap microwave. How else are you supposed to make a cup of ramen at three in the morning? This one even comes with presets for all your preheating needs!

5. NutriBullet

Some days, the dining hall just won't cut it — you're sick of eating pizza or alternatively, over-steamed veggies. When those days arrive, sometimes an Insta-worthy smoothie is just the remedy you need. Get that perfect on-the-go meal with a NutriBullet from Target. This mixer helps you quickly blend drinks in a glass you can sip your smoothie out of.

Things to Snack On

6. Trail Mix

Maddy McGunagle

Dry, pre-packaged snacks are key for when you're running from class to the library to a club meeting. Trail mix is the perfect midday pick me up, with some healthy nuts and raisins, and some chocolatey treats mixed in for good measure. My personal fave is Monster Mix, which comes with peanut butter pieces. Yum!

7. Cereal

The breakfast of all breakfasts, cereal is a true classic. Whether you want something sugary, something crunchy, or something totally health-conscious, cereal is always a smart pick before an 8 am class.  You can get a family sized box of Honey Nut Cheerios for less than the price of two coffees.

8. Protein Bars

When finals strike, expect to spend a long time in the library. While hiding out amongst the books, you'll need some good energy sources to keep you awake and going aka, protein bars. Protein bars, like these Larabars, will help carry you between drafts of essays without getting hangry.

9. K-Cups

If you're going to be buying a Keurig, you'll need some K-Cups to go with it. Pro tip: Buy them in bulk to get a better deal. Also, Target brand K-Cups taste just as good as the ones from your fave coffee shops, and are definitely cheaper.

Things to Decorate Your Room

10. Twin XL Bedding

Most dorm beds are different dimensions than your bed back at home. If you're used to getting shut eye on a queen, expect a twin XL in your new digs. But, just because you're in a smaller space, doesn't mean you have to be less stylish. Target has plenty of cute comforters that fit the twin XL mattress, like this one with a boho chic flower design.

11. Throw Pillows

For a little extra comfort from home, try adding a few throw pillows to your dorm space. The best thing about pillows is that you can use them as added decor, or for extra comfort when you're eating late night snacks with your roommate on the floor.  

12. A Unique Tapestry

Tapestries can make a small room seem bigger and add some extra flair to the plain white walls. Find one with brighter colors for a statement piece, or one with more muted colors to create a relaxing atmosphere. Soon enough your dorm room will be absolutely Insta-worthy. 

13. String Lights

These lights aren't just for Christmas — add a little extra twinkle while doing your homework, or set the scene when you're making dinner for two. You can get these simple mini white lights, or go for bulbs in different shapes and colors to add a fun twist. 

14. Picture Frames

This one seems kind of obvious, but you can't forget to buy frames for all your pics of family and friends from home. Go for a classic frame like this one, or go DIY chic by arranging your pictures on a string with some clothespins.

15. A Full-Length Mirror

Before heading to a study date or a night out with friends, you know you'll want to make sure you're lookin' tight. This over the door mirror is a great way to check yourself — it's full-length and even has a storage compartment inside for adding last-minute accessories.

Things to Organize Your Dorm

16. Storage Cubes

Small storage cubes like these ones come in a multitude of colors and are perfect for stowing away snacks, beauty products, or books under your bed and desk. You'll never lose anything again, because everything can finally have its own place.

17. Storage Carts

For some of your bigger items, it might be easier to have a rolling storage cart in your dorm. A cart like this one has three separate shelves which is perfect for placing next to your bed, acting as a night stand — you can grab whatever you need without getting out of bed. So basically, you can be organized and lazy, perfect for a college kid.

18. Dry Erase Calendar

Keeping track of tests, practices, and social events will be crazy easy, so long as you have a dry erase calendar like this one. You can erase the board every month, which is perfect if your schedule is always changing. And if you have any flaky friends (and I think we all do) you'll be able to easily track your plans as they change from week-to-week or day-to-day. 

19. Command Strips

No matter if you're an underclassman or a senior in college, you'll need Command strips. Most dorms will make you pay through the nose if you put holes in the walls, so use Command strips like these to hang up all of your décor and organizational tools.

Things to Clean Your Dorm

20. Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt and grime happens, people. So, when it does, you need stuff to clean it up, like a light and cheap vacuum. So now, when your Mom visits, she won't shame you for dirty floors.

21. Lysol Wipes and Spray  

There will be a week in the semester when you and your roommate are too sick to do anything but call home and complain. When that week comes around, Lysol the hell out of your dorm room. Trust me, you'll thank yourself when you can get back to class after a week. Target carries Lysol products that'll help keep your room squeaky clean.

Things for Your Bathroom

22. Shower Caddy

I mean, you could put your shower stuff on the floor of the communal bathroom, or you could get yourself a shower caddy. They're cheap, keep your stuff organized, and above all, keep your floormates' hair out of all your stuff, which is the most important part.

23. Shower Flip Flops

Don't be that weirdo who braves the bathroom barefoot. Shower flip flops, like these cheap leopard print ones, will keep your feet from growing some nasty fungus while away from your own bathroom — ew. Talk about keeping your feet pedicure ready all year long.

24. Hair Tool Caddy

Caddies for your styling tools help you get ready while cooling down hair tools that you're no longer using. You can even hang the caddy over a shower bar for true hands-free styling. This will make your mornings so much easier, and keep your straightener from leaving burn marks on your desk. 

25. Waterproof Speaker

If you can't give up listening to your favorite songs in the shower, this waterproof speaker is perfect for you. Portable, sleek, and stylish, your showers at school will be anything but boring. I'm sure the rest of the bathroom will be happy your brought party, as well.

College shopping can be stressful and expensive, but with these things from Target, it certainly doesn't have to be. All of these amazing finds will help you have the dopest dorm on campus, and help you save money to use on food instead.