As someone who is always eating, not being able to eat from being sick, stressed or just not hungry, is a huge bummer. I find myself filled with sadness when I am not able to finish my beautiful bowl of Chipotle or perfectly cooked hamburger.

Since I have been sick or stressed every other week this semester, I wanted to find a way to get myself to start eating regularly again. If you are struggling with eating full meals on a regular basis, check out these nine tips to gain back your appetite.

Eat smaller, more frequent meals

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Julia Maguire

Eating smaller, more frequent meals will allow your body to crave food while still eating the same amount. There are also other benefits like less bloating and not feeling tired after you eat. 

Eat healthy snacks

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Delissa Handoko

Eating healthy snacks can encourage you to eat when it comes time for a meal. Putting healthy snacks around the house might make you hungry, but don't eat them too close to a meal because that could end up ruining your appetite. Also, make sure you are snacking in addition to eating meals, not instead of eating meals. 

Eat your favorite foods

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Rachael Piorko

Eating your favorite foods will make you more excited to eat. If you don't like salad, don't eat salad. If you don't like fish, don't eat fish. I know that when I try to eat healthy, which usually consists of something that has lettuce (and I HATE lettuce) I get really unexcited about eating and would rather skip the meal altogether. 

Add spices into your meals

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Hannah Linn

Eating foods with more spices tends to make your food smell more, usually in a good way. Since smell directly effects your taste buds, you should start to get hungry when you smell good food. 

Exercise more

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Anya Barel

Exercising uses up your energy and your body is designed to crave energy. This means you will have to refuel after moving. You don't even have to do strenuous activities, a fast paced 30 minute walk will do the trick.

Make eating exciting

Gabby Phi

Getting dressed up and going out with friends can be fun and also might encourage you to eat. When you eat with other people, whether it is at home or at a restaurant, meal times turn into a social activity. You could even cook with them and experiment with different dishes to make meal time more fun. 

Drink water

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Caroline Liu

Drinking water an hour before a meal and an hour after a meal helps with digestion. Doing this should increase your appetite by the time you are planning on eating, just make sure not to drink too much right before eating because it will make it even harder to eat. 

Use large plates

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Paige Twombly

Eating off larger plates is psychological trick that makes you think you are eating less food. You just have to make sure you don't pile up the food or this trick might not work.

Don't drink while eating

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Charles Wetherbee

Ordering a fancy drink or even drinking soda during your meal will fill you up faster, leaving less room in your stomach for food. If you are having trouble eating, try not to order a drink and only sip on water when you really need it.