To be completely honest, I'm not sure if I was more excited to return to Coral Gables to see my friends, or to eat the food I missed over the summer. Though I've only been a 'Cane for a year, I've made it my mission to never settle for a mediocre dining hall meal and instead discover the dope food around the University of Miami. Trust me, there's a lot of it.

So whether you're a freshman who knows nothing, or a senior just looking to expand your horizons, here's a guide that will ensure your food is nothing less than bomb. You can thank me later.

1. When you're dying for something sweet: Whip 'n Dip

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Whip 'n Dip has been churning their homemade ice cream since 1985. In addition to the ice cream, all of their other products are made in-store, and use locally-sourced ingredients. Somehow their vanilla lite ice cream only has 18 calories in an ounce. I'm not even gonna question that, I'm just gonna be appreciative.

Order: Chocolate Vanilla Swirl with Crispy Critters on top.

Location: 1407 Sunset Dr., Coral Gables

2. When you need Mexican food: Coyo Taco

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Coyo Taco specializes in super fresh Mexican street food—think homemade tortillas, guac smashed to order, and all-natural, locally-sourced veggies. The menu boasts 13 different tacos that can be converted into a burrito, burrito bowl, or even a salad. Oh yeah, they also deliver via Postmates.

Order: Guac, Al Pastor tacos, and Churros for dessert.

Location: 2300 NW 2nd Ave, Miami

3. When you're "doing it for the Insta:" Threefold Cafe

I got excited just typing the name. I'm actually obsessed with this place. The natural lighting combined with some of the most beautiful avocado toast you've ever seen is any millennial foodie's dream.

Order: Smashed Avo with a poached egg and an order of Mango Juice.

Location: 6907 Red Rd, Coral Gables

4. When it's your birthday: George's on Sunset

George's is probably one of the most lit restaurants I've ever been to. The food is a little pricey, but you'll forget as soon as the music starts blasting when the waiter brings out your birthday dessert (complete with sparklers). Make sure your friends' phones are ready so you get that bday insta #caaake.

Bonus: Go for Sunday brunch—$15 bottomless mimosas.

Order: Nutella Pizza—it's your birthday. Treat yo self.

Location: 1549 Sunset Dr, Coral Gables

5. When you don't eat meat: Choices Organic Cafe

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Choices Cafe is known for its yummy and healthy plant-based menu. All of the food at Choices is vegan, but don't worry, it's not just tofu and kale. The menu is inspired by Miami's strong Latin influence, among other international flavors.

Order: Mental Lentil

Location: 2626 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables

6. When you wanna watch the game: The Rat

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The Rat is so classic. It's filled with 'Canes memorabilia and situated in the center of campus. With a sick view of the lake, there's no better spot to support your team.

Order: Legit any of this.

Location: Shalala Student Center

7. When you're hungover: Roasters 'n Toasters

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Portions are hefty and the food is poppin' at this New York-style deli, making it a hungover person's dream. It's a little pricey for breakfast, but think about the last time you were in that state. Would you not pay any price to feel better again?

Order: Eggs and bacon with a bagel and iced coffee. Major key.

Location: 9465 South Dixie Highway, Miami

8. When your parents visit and are footing the bill: Barton G

Barton G does the absolute most when it comes to presentation, but don't be confused, the food is unreal too. Every meal I've ever had at Barton G has been just as entertaining as it has been delicious, and your parents will approve.

Order: Not the cotton candy. Get the Carnival Fun Cakes, they come with a game.

Location: 1427 West Ave., Miami Beach

9. When you're trying to be romantic: Cibo Wine Bar

Cibo offers rustic Italian food that rivals dinners I've eaten in Italy, no joke. Whether you're in the mood for pizza, pasta, or fish, Cibo has you covered. Also, the bread is so, so good.

Order: Spaghetti Carbonara

Location: 45 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables

10. When you're avoiding the freshman 15: GreenLife Miami

All the food at GreenLife is GMO, pesticide, and hormone-free. Almost all of the food is organic, seasonal, or locally-sourced, and even the furniture is recycled. So not only will your body feel great after eating, but your mind will be at ease as well.

Order: O.G. Açaì Bowl

Location: 104 Giralda Ave., Coral Gables

11. When you're cramming for finals and Club Richter is full: The Bookstore in the Grove

Yes, that's actually the name. The Bookstore in the Grove is exactly what you'd expect. It's so cute, has good vibes, an all-day breakfast menu, and a wine bar.

Order: Caprese Sandwich

Location: 3390 Mary St., Miami

12. When you have the 2am munchies: Pinecrest Bakery

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Cuban food that's open 24/7. Does it get any more Miami? But in all seriousness, if you're looking for a snack but it just so happens to be 4:30am, this is your place. Pincrest Bakery is known for its croquettes, pastelitos, and empanadas.

Order: Pastel de Pizza Pastelito

Location: 6718 Bird Rd., Miami

13. When you've had it with Starbucks: Pasión del Cielo

Pasión del Cielo gets their coffee beans from countries like Guatemala, Brazil, Kenya, and Ethiopia, so you're literally getting the best coffee in the world. In addition to the coffee, there's a variety of teas, lattes, and frappes.

Order: Colombia bean coffee

Location: 5701 Sunset Dr., South Miami