Ireland is know for a lot of things. Its lush green fields, its adorable roaming sheep, and probably what its most famous for, Guinness. But what many of you might not know is that Ireland is also known for its fine cuisine and authentic Irish dishes.

Studying abroad in Ireland (as I did last semester) is the perfect time to try some of the country's most famous and delicious dishes. Sometimes all of the options can be overwhelming so I've broken down some of the best and most authentic Irish dishes that you have to try.

1. Roasted Potatoes 

Megan Seligman

While I'm sure most of you have tried potatoes you might never have had them in Ireland, where the potatoes (and butter) are the freshest, making this the first Irish dish you must try! 

2. Shepherd's Pie

An all time classic, this meat, potato, and vegetable pie is just as delicious as it looks. I definitely recommend trying this dish in a traditional Irish pub.

3. Black Pudding

This dish is a staple in a traditional Irish breakfast. But don't worry, its not as scary as it sounds (or looks) its just a type of blood sausage. 

4. Irish Stew

The best part about Irish dishes is that you'll never be left hungry and this dish is no exception. This is another dish full of meat, potatoes and vegetables that will make you feel like you just got a home cooked meal from your grandmother.

5. Cabbage

I know this isn't the most glamorous dish, but if you're looking for something authentic then you have to try it.

6. Irish Soda Bread

Erin White

Two words: so good. Definitely another staple Irish dish that you can find in any local bakery.

7. Bangers and Mash

There is some debate over whether or not this dish is English or Irish, but either way, the Irish have perfected it. You'll find this sausage and potato combo at any place that serves a "Full Irish Breakfast."

8. Smoked Salmon

Ally Golden

Another dish where the origins might be ambiguous but that the Irish have perfected. The smoked salmon in Ireland is especially good and definitely worth a try if you're in a seaside town like Howth or Galway.

9. Guinness

Molly Gamache

While technically not a food, you can't talk about Irish cuisine without mentioning one of Ireland's most iconic export. Whether you're a beer person or not, you can't visit Ireland without having at least one Guinness!

Whether you're in a big city like Dublin or small town like Clonmel, there will always be places where you can try some of the best and most authentic Irish dishes!