In Iceland, where I'm currently studying abroad, fresh fish is a staple of the local diet, and it's (relatively) cheap. I've developed a minor obsession with smoked salmon—which is a problem, because the bagels here are sh*t and the cream cheese is watery. (Sorry Iceland, I love you, but please work on your bagel game.)

So I did some research and experimented a little. Here are seven ways to eat smoked salmon for when you're tired of bagels and lox (if that ever happens).

1. In a 2-Ingredient Dip

Collette Block

This recipe couldn't be easier. I did, however, use more than two ingredients when I made this—try it with paprika or dill. I served this at a *fancy* dinner with friends.

2. On a Pizza

salmon, bread, smoked salmon
Elizabeth Olson

My friends and I got a little ambitious with the pizza toppings, but luckily that resulted in the following discovery: you can throw smoked salmon on a pizza with pretty much anything and it will taste good. The part of the pizza in the foreground of this photo substituted dill cream for cheese and tomato sauce, and the smoked salmon was added after the pizza was baked.

3. With Eggs

Smoked salmon omelette. #truemeaningofchristmas

Daniel Bye on Flickr

A match made in heaven. You can try this fancy recipe, or you can just throw bits of smoked salmon in with your scramble.

4. On Icelandic Rye Bread

salmon, sushi, sashimi, rice, smoked salmon, seafood, fish
Elizabeth Olson

This one's a bit more complicated for those of you who don't live in Iceland. If you can get your hands on some sweet, dense rye bread, I highly recommend trying it with cream cheese and lox.

5. In Pasta

spaghetti, pasta, sauce, linguine
Elizabeth Olson

Want to impress your friends at a potluck? Try this recipe. Or, top your pasta with a simple cream sauce made from a bit of reserved pasta water, butter, flour and dill. Throw shredded smoked salmon into the sauce while it's still in the pan. The salmon will cook a bit, but the flavors will meld nicely.

6. In Soup

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Winter is coming—time for soup! Try this creamy smoked salmon, potato and leek soup on a cold night.

7. In a Frittata

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I'm telling you, eggs and salmon are a match made in heaven. Bake them with some veggies and potatoes and you've got a frittata.