St. Patrick's Day has become a great excuse for anyone to wear all green and drink. Don't get me wrong, my mom is from Ireland, so I am fully planning on participating in this year's festivities as a way to show my Irish Pride, but that being said, I know that for many, their ideal celebration doesn't involve a Guiness hangover the next day. 

For those of you looking to celebrate St. Patrick and all his Irish glory minus the booze, the following 8 activities are the perfect way to do just that. 

1. Drink a Cup of Tea

coffee, tea
Beatrice Forman

The Irish love their tea, so if you're feeling like a more chilled-out holiday, curl up with a good book and a nice "cuppa." 

2. Watch Every Movie about Ireland Ever

That can include anything from "PS I Love You" to "Leap Year" to the Disney classic, "Luck of the Irish." Movie night, anyone?

3. Go to McDonalds and Drink a Shamrock Shake

I mean what's more festive than a delicious, green milkshake? 

4. Cook a Traditional Irish Feast

vegetable, meat, potato, dairy product, beef, mashed potatoes
Erin O'Neill

That can include corned beef, cabbage and of course potatoes. Invite some friends over to really make it an Irish feast.

5. Bake (or Buy) Irish Soda Bread

bread, wheat, sweet, cereal, cake, pastry, soda bread
Eryn White

If you're looking for dessert following your feast (see number 4 above) then this is the one for you. Crumbly and dense bread for the win.

6. Learn how to Irish Step Dance

Nothing says "Happy St. Patty's Day" then a good ol'fashioned jig

7. Read a Work by a Famous Irish Author

If you're looking to something to do while enjoying your tea or soda bread, then I suggest curling up with a W.B. Yeats or Oscar Wilde.

8. Go Out anyways and Take Pictures of your Drunk Friends

Who said you have to be drunk to celebrate anyways? Plus you'll have major blackmail after this night, trust me.

Whether you're just not feeling the booze that day or you can't be hungover for the next, these actives will still make you feel festive enough that you'll be saying, "where's my pot of gold?"