You may know them for their reality show, their Instagram reign, or their beauty products, or you might be wondering why they're even famous in the first place, but the Kardashian family should really be known as first-class foodies. Some of our other favorite celebrities may claim to be food obsessed, but no one even comes close to the dedication of the Kardashians (in food and everything else, honestly).

Check out these nine important moments where the family of all families proved how serious they were about their meals.

9. Eating Popeye's on a private jet

With a single Instagram post, the Kardashians changed everything you thought you knew about private plane dining. Popeye's should really just change their logo to this photo, and if you aren't convinced that this picture is that important, check out Google. Search "Kardashian" and "Popeyes" together and you end up with about 159,000 results — most of them are entire articles written about this unforgettable Insta. 

8. Kris' cookbook

You may have forgotten about "In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites," which was Kris Jenner's 2014 venture into cookbooks (or in true Kardashian style, kookbooks). Not only did the book lead to this incredible picture of Kris and Chef Gordon Ramsay looking aggressively airbrushed, but Kris also blessed us with some incredible commentary. She talks about using red Hermés china to complement red sauce, how her refrigerator needs it's own Instagram, and how J-Lo has the "Holy Grail of stoves." It's a must read.  

7. Cooking with Kylie

Major props to Kylie for being able to juggle a makeup empire and a cooking show all at the age of 19. Some of her recipes include sliders, tacos, and sweet potatoes. This is a very significant food moment for the Kardashian family, and it's definitely worth a watch — especially the episode where Khloé teaches Kylie how to pronounce "Teriyaki." 

6. Placenta eating

Who could forget the time that Kourtney hired a chef to help her cook human placenta to serve to her family for dinner? Or the time Kim converted her placenta into pills and ate them? Talk about innovative consumption. 

5. Khloé & Kourtney's food fight

We all owe Kylie another thank you for capturing this glorious food moment on her Snapchat story. The best part is Kris in the background freaking out about Khloé and Kourtney getting food on her chairs. The second best part is the fact that even with sour cream smeared across her face, Kourtney is still 100 percent gorgeous.

4. Kourtney's Kit Kat tutorial

Kourtney changed the Kit Kat eating game when she blessed us with her mind-blowing tutorial. Her strategy is to break off one stick, then carefully eat all of the chocolate around it, saving the crunchy part for last. With almost 2 million views on Youtube, it's safe to say that Kourtney is on to something. 

3. Blac Chyna leaving Rob and stealing his food

December 17, 2016 was a crucial moment in history — it was the night (or at least one of the nights) that Blac Chyna left Rob Kardashian. Rob posted several videos on his Snapchat story explaining that Chyna had left with their daughter, as well as all the furniture and food from their house, including Rob's favorite Eggo Waffles. It's one thing to take a man's daughter and furniture away from him, but to take his Eggo's? That's crossing the line. What a snake. 

2. All of Kanye's Lyrics About Food

While he's technically only a Kardashian by marriage, Kanye proves that he fits in well with the famous family by being equally food-obsessed. Need proof? Look no further than some of his best lyrics:

"Gone": "Says she wants diamonds, I took her to Ruby Tuesday's."

"Last Call": "Mayonnaise colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips."

"I Am a God": "In a french a** restaurant, hurry up with my damn croissants."

1. When Kim flew around the world to satisfy her pregnancy cravings

Without a doubt, the most relatable and respectable aspect of Kim Kardashian is her love of food. Nothing better illustrates this than when she planned a whole trip around her favorite snacks. As shown in an episode of KUWTK, in order to satisfy her pregnancy cravings, she first flew to New Orleans for her favorite beignets from Café du Monde and crab fingers. She then went all the way to Paris just to taste her favorite churros and cheesecake. Thank you Kim, for raising the bar for life goals.

The Kardashian family may get a lot of hate, but one thing they should all be respected for is their love and devotion to food. They've already blessed us with these monumental food moments, and it's unclear whether the world will be able to handle whatever these foodies do next. 

LOL, Kim.