With Valentine's day just around the corner, it's obvious that everyone's worrying about the same thing. It's not whether you'll have a Valentine—no, it's something much more pressing: what Kylie Lip Kit color are you going to wear? With Kylie's new Valentine's Day colors coming out soon, your decision is bound to be even more difficult. Luckily, I'm here to help you choose the perfect Lip Kit based on what you'll be eating this V-Day.

1. Chocolate Fondue: True Brown K

What better way to indulge on Valentine's Day than dipping things (read: pretzels, berries, marshmallows) into melted chocolate? True Brown K is the perfect accompaniment to this indulgent dessert because you won't have to worry about wiping any chocolate remnants off your lips. They'll just blend right in with the lipstick...and make your kisses extra sweet.

2. Candy Hearts: Smile

This light pink shade is just as cute as the candy hearts with the little messages that you used to eat every Valentine's Day in middle school. And an added bonus: 100% of the proceeds from this shade get donated to Smile Train, an organization that helps kids around the world with cleft lips and palates.

3. Rosé: Damn Gina

"Damn Gina," says Chance the Rapper. It doesn't get much classier than Rosé—just like it doesn't get much klassier than Khloé K, the co-creator of this eye-catching shade. Also, Rosé and Khloé both have an accent on the e, so this one is clearly a perfect match. 

4. Tacos: Spice

In the words of King Kylie herself, "Sometimes I'll make myself an occasional homemade taco." If you're dining alone this Valentine's Day and decide to make yourself some tacos (I mean, the holiday does fall on taco Tuesday this year), then you might be looking for some spicy salsa to pile on top. So it only makes sense that you should wear the Spice Lip Kit, too, to keep the spiciness going.

5. Chocolate Heart Candy: Brown Sugar

These chocolate heart candies are a Valentine's Day staple. Whether they were a gift or you just bought them for yourself (respect), there's no reason you shouldn't look flossy while eating them. Make sure to wear the Brown Sugar Lip Kit to pump up the sweetness even more.

6. Steak: Candy K

If you thought the Candy K Lip Kit would be paired with candy, then I'm afraid to say that you thought wrong. Candy K is the only Lip Kit color that's made with non-vegan ingredients, which is why you should wear it while eating something equally non-vegan: a nice piece of strip steak. This one is also Kylie's favorite shade, so respect the King and wear it this Valentine's Day. 

7. Nothing: Heir

Maybe you don't feel like eating anything special to commemorate Valentine's Day this year. To each their own. If this is the case, you should wear the shiny metallic shade called Heir because it sounds like the only thing you'll be eating: air. (Okay, I'll admit that one was a bit of a stretch.) 

8. Black Licorice: Dead of Knight

Why would you ever want to eat black licorice? Why would you ever want to wear black lipstick? Kylie manages to look good here, but if you wear this shade, chances are you might struggle to pull it off. But if you're the type of person who eats black licorice, you might be the type of person to take a risk with this black lipstick. 

You have enough to worry about this Valentine's Day without having to worry about which Lip Kit to flaunt. Take a note from this guide, and your most important V-Day concern will be taken care of. And if you can, try to cop some of the new Lip Kits in the Valentine's Day collection. But knowing King Kylie, they're probably already sold out.