Wisdom teeth surgeries always warrant hilarious videos of things said under medication, days spent in bed binging movies and tv shows, and milkshakes on milkshakes. But what if you want to eat healthy through the pain?

I took up this challenge after I recently got all four of my impacted wisdom teeth out, as well as a bone graft in one surgery. I learned that not being able to chew limits your food options drastically, but there are still some great meals fellow surgery sufferers should seek out. 

1. Applesauce

apple, jam, dairy product, sweet
Felice Segall

Two words: baby food. In the first few days of recovery when you can barely open your mouth  applesauces are life-savers. Try GoGo squeeZ Applesauces. They also come in a variety of flavors, like Apple-Strawberry and Apple-Cinnamon and are squeezable so you don't even have to fit a spoon in your mouth. 

2. Protein Smoothies

yogurt, cream, milkshake, sweet, smoothie, coffee, milk
Christin Urso

To survive recovery, you're likely going to need a blender. If you have one, protein smoothies are a great, filling option that require no chewing. Combine fruit and juice with a protein like yogurt, milk, or even protein powder and you've got yourself a healthy, drinkable meal. 

3. Scrambled Eggs

cheese, bacon, egg, scrambled
Anastasia Yip

When you're craving something savory after days of milkshakes and smoothies, soft scrambled eggs (eaten in small bites) can provide a much-needed dose of savory protein. 

4. Yogurt

milk, egg, dairy product, cream
Katherine Baker

If you choose a low sugar, protein-filled brand, yogurt can serve as an easy-to-swallow meal substitute. 

5. Acai Bowls

chocolate, berry, sweet
Meghan McGuigan

Like yogurt, these fruit-filled bowls go down easily and can act as a meal-replacer. You can order it or make it without granola and add protein with almond milk or peanut butter. 

6. Mashed Potatoes

sweet, dairy, dumpling, ravioli, mashed potatoes, milk, dairy product, cream
Helena Lin

Olive oil, salt, and a mashed or sweet potato are all you need to make a substantial, hot meal to eat in bed.

7. Soft Breads

wheat bread, sandwich, flour, rye, cereal, bread, wheat, toast
Christin Urso

When you're dying for carbs, but can't eat crackers or sandwiches, soft breads make for an excellent snack or meal. Now you're avoiding the crust on the bread for a practical reason.

8. Oatmeal

banana, muesli, oatmeal cereal, milk, sweet, cereal, oatmeal, porridge
Caroline Mackey

Oatmeal is the hearty, warm, breakfast food that can and should be eaten anytime of the day when you can't chew. Even if you can't include your favorite crunchy toppings, brown sugar is enough to sweeten the bowl. 

9.  Pasta

spinach, pasta
Caroline Grew

In the later days of your recovery, try pasta as a nice transition meal for when your teeth are still sensitive. Tortellini or gnocchi are soft enough to be eaten in small bites and swallowed easily

milkshake, dairy, yogurt, dairy product, chocolate, ice, sweet, milk, cream
Hui Lin

Eating healthy when it feels like you can't eat anything is difficult, but totally doable. Just remember to eat slowly, drink plenty of water, take your prescribed medicine, and allow yourself a milkshake at least once during your recovery.