Instagram is such a hot social media platform that it's no surprise food accounts are taking over. There are so many accounts that have just started or have been around for a couple of years and individuals have labeled these people as "influencers". Their food Instagram accounts include pictures of inspirational plates, recipes, and so much more. 

Most of these influencers have a great passion for food and physical activity, so they like to share their journey with their followers. I've become pretty invested in the lives of the influencers I follow and need to see their next post. If you're like me and want to get inspiration on food dishes, these food Instagram accounts are for you. 

1. @choosing_balance

This was one of the first food Instagram accounts I followed and I've never been disappointed with what she posts. Between the food dishes and insight into her workout habits, I'm addicted to her feed. The plates she makes are always so colorful and you can check out her website to see even more recipes and meal ideas. 

2. @eatsbyames

Not only is @eatsbyames posting pictures of delicious food and her recipes, she is also sharing her journey during her dietetic rotations to become a Registered Dietitian. As a fellow nutrition major, I love hearing about the different settings she gets to experience and how it's helping her to grow and put her coursework into practice! 

3. @foodbabypgh

If you're from Pittsburgh and love Pittsburgh food, then this food Instagram account is for you. Whether you were raised there or just in town for a short visit, every restaurant that is featured is one that you'll be wanting to try. Honestly, just looking at the pictures @foodbabypgh posts makes me hungry. 

4. @collegenutritionist

Being the busy college student that I am, @collegenutritionist has the perfect account if you need ideas on how to meal prep during busy weeks. Each post consists of a different meal prep idea and even includes the ingredients so you can make them at home. Her website has even more insight on how to meal prep like a pro! 

5. @runningonpb_

Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, right? I decided to take my own knowledge of nutrition from school and meal prepping and create an Instagram page to share that with others. It's still pretty new, but I promise it's slowing growing so stay tuned - this is a food Instagram account you won't want to miss out on. 

6. @kaleandkravings

Not only does @kaleandkravings post mouth-watering food pics, but she also shares a lot of insight on fitness and wellness. Her signature food post is always about her favorite smoothie called "KKGreenie". She posts about this so much that she shared the recipe on her website and it's honestly the best thing ever. 

7. @_cilantropist

I recently discovered this page and I love the message she is sharing with her followers. Not only is she posting great food pictures and recipe ideas, but she's also promoting the importance of listening to your body's hunger cues. The messages this influencer is sharing are mantras that can mend any unhealthy relationship with food

8. @rachlmansfield

If you like looking at pictures of food and cute babies then go ahead and follow @rachlmansfield. She shares her yummy food pics (and recipes) and pictures of her baby. A lot of posts also talk about balancing having a new baby with still finding time to eat healthy and making meals. 

9. @runningonveggies

I love Instagram accounts that incorporate my two favorite things - running and food. That's exactly why I had to follow @runningonveggies as soon as I discovered her page. As a nutrition coach for Adidas Running, her posts mix between running with her team members and recipes that help her refuel after a workout. It's the best of both worlds! 

Food Instagrams are the new thing and I hope that never changes. Being able to have all of these recipes and insights on healthy eating and fitness is exactly what I need for motivation. Not only do the influencers inspire me to meal prep, but their recipes give me so many more options to try out. I promise your life will be changed for the better after you follow these accounts.