Happy New Year! Okay, so you have made a New Years resolution to be healthier. Whether it's drinking more water, dropping a few extra pounds, joining a gym, working out more, eating healthier, or even overcoming an eating disorder, it can be a real challenge to do it alone

As a health and fitness lover myself, I spend more time than I would like to admit scrolling through Instagram accounts drooling over foodie photos, searching for recipes, watching workout videos, and gawking at super fit people. Many of these beautiful people inspired me to be healthier and continue with an account of my own (@livewell_withmel, gotta self promo). There are countless accounts out there of people ready to help you continue your resolution past the first week of January (it was nearly impossible to just pick a few).

1. @kellyufit

coffee, beer, bacon

Kelly has struggled with many stages of eating disorders in her life including anorexia and binge eating disorder. She has taken her struggles and turned them into incredible strength. Not only does her instagram radiate body positivity and self love, so does her youtube channel. This channel contains videos about her journey, aid for people who have also struggled or are still struggling with eating disorders, and how to deal with weight gain in a healthy way (it is linked in her instagram bio). While many people focus on losing weight in any way they can, healthy weight gain is also an important part of health for many people. I have had to gain some weight for my own health, mentally and physically, and this girl motivates me every day to put my happiness and health above looking a certain way. 

2. @shoelessrunner

avocado, spinach

This girl is seriously who initially pulled me out of my unhealthy relationship with food. Besides the fact that shes in amazing shape and her food pics will make you crave healthy food, she is also super sweet. She is also in pharmacy school, so if being busy is your excuse for working out, it really is no excuse. What I love about Nicole is that she sticks to whole nutrient dense foods most of the time which effectively fuel and nourish the body rather than "diet" foods that are advertised to make you skinny. Her page is mostly food based, but she does occasionally share some awesome workouts. 

3. @sydneytfitness

tea, beer, coffee

If you are looking for someone with an awesome mix of healthy foods and workouts, Sydney is your girl. I started following her as she went through a bulk to gain healthy weight and muscle, and I am so happy that I found her. Not only does she post lots of her yummy meals and snacks, she also posts videos of her workouts so that you can learn some new and effective moves to incorporate into your workouts. If you are interested in supplementation such as protein powders, she recommends brands and ways to incorporate them into a healthy diet. Additionally, she is all about doing what makes you happy in terms of your health and fitness, which is key to making your New Years resolution become your lifestyle. 

4. @emlouisefitness


So many drool worthy food pics and bod goals. This account has got it all going on, so if you are looking for food ideas, motivation, or workout ideas, you will love Em. There is also tons of body positivity in this account which is huge. It is so great to want to work on yourself and treat your body right, but it should come from a place of love for your body rather than hate.

5. @chocolatecoveredkatie

cream, brownie, fudge, butter, peanut, peanut butter, chocolate

Who said being healthy meant you couldn't enjoy sweets? Well, whoever said that was seriously wrong and deprived of so much deliciousness. If you have a sweet tooth, but you are looking to keep it cleaner, following Katie is a MUST. Many of her desserts are also raw and/or vegan, so they can accommodate a range of diets. You can swoon over these food pics without an ounce of guilt, and then make the treats yourself with the help of the attached recipes. Healthier sweets are by no means less delicious than regular sweets so do yourself a favor and check her out. 

6. @embalanced


Emily is a weight lifting, clean eating, foodie with tons and tons of healthy meal and snack posts. She exemplifies the fact that healthy meals do not have to be boring or complicated. There is a lot of tasty stuff going on here.

7. @twinsanityfitness

bread, egg yolk, bacon, fried egg, egg

These running and lifting twins, Kelty and Katie, work hard. Because they are so active, they can afford to eat lots of yummy healthy foods. Keep this in mind if you start to go extra hard in the gym or add miles onto your runs; you need to be eating enough to fuel your body. Their page is flooded with food pics that will show you how to feed those muscles. 

8. @frommybowl

Caitlin Shoemaker posts some of the most aesthetic food pics I have ever seen. You will 100% wish you could reach into your phone or computer screen and eat them right there and then. 

9. @morgancalhoon_fit

coffee, pizza, beer

If you are looking for some workouts to copy, Morgan Calhoon's page can totally help you out. She posts tons of videos of her workouts, and she is bod goals so you will definitely want to check them out if you plan on being in the gym this year. 

10. @becks_liveshealthy


Lots of more healthy food! Becky is a nurse, a marathon runner, and a super awesome food photographer apparently because I always want to eat what she posts. Tons of healthy food ideas here with on point photo quality.

There are so many amazing food and fitness accounts out there on instagram, and once you start following a few, you will find so many more that help you reach your goals.