Chances are you've skipped a meal or two when you've been in a rush to class or had a big paper to finish. But trust me, there is no need to sacrifice good food when you're short on time. After all, your brain is working at its best when it is fueled with tasty and nutrutious food. 

In a time crunch? Let me introduce you to your new best friend: the Magic Bullet.  Essentially a mini blender, the Magic Bullet is perfect for at home or even in your dorm room. Here are nine easy and delicious recipies that all only take one step to complete—put all of your ingredients into your Magic Bullet and blend. 

1. Guacamole

condiment, guacamole, herb, vegetable
Alice Huang

Blend avocado, lime juice, garlic cloves, onion, cilantro, tomato, and jalapeno peppers (definitely optional). The serving size should probably just be for one person, you won't want to share it.

2. Raspberry Sorbet

berry, beef, cream, ice, strawberry, sorbet, sweet
Collette Block

This one is so simple. Literally just raspberries, water, and honey or maple syrup. This may sound boring, but it's actually delicious.

3. Pesto

vegetable, herb
Parisa Soraya

Mixture of basil leaves, pine nuts, olive oil (extra virgin), salt, garlic, and parmesan cheese. Delicious to eat with veggies, on toast, in a sandwich, as salad dressing, on bruschetta (see recipe below), etc.

4. Coconut Smoothie

Katie Elliott

Feel like you're in paradise while you actually sit in your dorm room while drinking a smoothie made of coconut water, mango, banana, and ice. Coconut water has plenty of health benefits too!

5. Frozen Margarita

strawberry, alcohol, sweet, vodka, juice, tequila, ice, lime, cocktail
Sammy Mintzer

Yet another touch of paradise...the margarita! If you're like me, waking up to 10 degree weather you'll definitely want to drink a margarita to ignore the cold. Blend some tequila, triple sec, lime juice, honey, ice, and some salt around the rim of the cup (if you're being fancy).

6. Hummus

sweet, milk, dairy product, ice, cream
Kendra Valkema

If you love hummus, you were definitely devastated by the tragic recall of Sabra hummus products. Obviously, an alternative is necessary. Making your own hummus is simple. Chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt, olive oil, water, and pine nuts are all you need.

7.  Salsa

vegetable, corn
Hana Ezaldein

Blend of onions, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, garlic, lime or lemon juice, and cilantro. And some salt and pepper as well. Perfect to eat with chips and way better than salsa out of the jar.

8. Bruschetta

basil, ravioli, bruschetta, tomato
Corrine Odom

Tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper served on toast. With optional pesto (seen above) added. Perfect.

9. Tomato Soup

cheese, tomato
Elyse Belarge

Who doesn't love grilled cheese and tomato soup? No one. This recipe includes tomato, cream, and garlic. And obviously everyone knows how to make a grilled cheese to go along with it.

Notice how there are no steps in all these recipes? Because there are none. You simply throw the ingredients in the Magic Bullet and turn it on.