If you are one of the lucky few who have mastered the art of dorm room furniture and appliance configuration, you most likely have a mini-fridge and microwave stacked masterfully in your dorm room or apartment. But I can guarantee that you are missing out on one life-changing appliance: the Magic Bullet.

It comes in at around $40, and if you steal one of the many Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons that your parents get in the mail, then it's even less, and it is worth every penny. The multifunctional gadget will create the perfect trio of appliances for your dorm of domesticity and here's why.

1. It's Petite

The whole apparatus literally takes up five inches of space. It is narrow which makes it  it super easy to stack right on top of your micro-fridge, or on your window sill, or basically anywhere. You can even store it somewhere and take it out whenever you need it because it is that small.

2. It's Portable

Kristen Matthews

This is probably the number one perk of the Magic Bullet. The blender doubles as a to-go cup, which is genius because it cuts the amount of dirty dishes in half. There are two different size cups and several kinds of lids for any type of travel your Magic Bullet may experience.

There is a solid cover to prevent spillage, a cover with a straw for sipping, and if you prefer to gulp, there is a screw on rim that leaves the top of the cup completely open and creates a smooth edge around the top. All of these options make this the quintessential grab-and-go contraption.

3. Smoothies

chocolate, chocolate mousse, milk, mousse, cream
Kristen Matthews

Whether your grabbing fruit cups, fruit from the salad bar, bananas and yogurt from your dining hall, or you have the luxury of going food shopping occasionally, you can find everything you need for a smoothie to keep in your fridge for a delicious breakfast on the run or post-workout shake. You can always add some peanut butter, protein powder, or greens from the salad bar, if you're into that.

4. Egg Scrambles

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Kristen Matthews

You may have to venture out to get a carton of eggs every once in a while to make this happen, but it's so worth it. Take advantage of your dining hall salad bar and grab all the veggies and cheese your heart desires, toss them in your Magic Bullet with your eggs, pulse a it a few times, and then use your microwave to cook them. The cups are also microwave safe which is very convenient and makes less mess to clean up.

5. Spiked Slushies

For all you party people out there, go ahead and turn your Magic Bullet into a personal bartender and create some spiked frozen beverages to liven up your usual cocktail routine. 

Bonus: there are a ton of other things you can make with it, like salsa and hummus. That may be a bit too involved and advanced for the average college kitchen, but if you're feeling adventurous, go for it.

#SpoonTip: If you have an early class, you may want to warn your roommate if you plan on magic blending something before class. Although it is not as loud as a traditional blender, in the close quarters of a dorm room it may not be the most pleasant mid-slumber.

Happy blending.