Yes, the rumors are true. How I Met Your Mother is being taken off of Netflix as of November 13th. And this can only mean one thing: time to binge watch all nine seasons again before it's removed forever. But, to mourn and reminisce on all the good times at MacLaren's pub, here are 9 comfort foods to get you through times as rough as these.

1. Pizza

It's not Gazzola's undercooked pizza (maybe that's actually a good thing?), but pizza is a classic comfort food that can get us through anything. Hopefully you can wipe away the tears for a few minutes and look at your pizza just as longingly as Marshall does at his, and pretend you're with him and Ted on their road trip to Chicago to the "filthy Mecca of spectacular if under cooked pizza". 

2. Wings

Wings were the classic bar food of everyone's favorite quintet. To honor their favorite bar, and everything that happened in the famous booth, wings are the perfect food to help you reminisce on all the things that could have been, like Puzzles or the famous slap bet. 

3. Chinese Food

Because of the time crunch you're in to re-watch every single episode one last time on Netflix, delivery food is key. Chinese food delivered right to your door is the exact thing you'll need to make sure you get through all 208 episodes. 

4. Bacon

If you don't feel for Ted, and his having to suffer through a childhood deprived of bacon, you're doing something wrong. So naturally the only way to compensate is to eat all the bacon you possibly can in order to honor his memory. 

5. Burgers

I'm still waiting to find the best burger in New York City, but maybe you can take up the challenge and find it yourself. The quest to find it might have been so long and tiring, by the time you sit down to take the first bite, you may have momentarily forgotten all of your sadness. 

6. Chocolate

Before this news broke I used to believe there was nothing some chocolate couldn't fix. And even though no amount of chocolate could ever, ever fill the place of our hearts dedicated to How I Met Your Mother, it will come pretty close. 

7. Cookies

When all else fails we always have cookies to turn to. Home made or from a famous bakery, gooey cookies will make the hard times better. And if there was ever a time to treat yourself to extra desserts, now would be it. 

8. Ice Cream

Lily's reaction to Robin and Barney not wanting to be couple best friends with her and Marshall is exactly our reaction to the show disappearing. And if ice cream can heal Lily's heart, than it can heal ours too. 

9. Mac n Cheese

Mac n cheese is the number one fool proof comfort food, and something we HIMYM fans need in these tough times. Load up on all the gooey and cheesy-ness you can, and hopefully you'll be able to go on living in a Netflix world free of How I Met Your Mother. 

As much as these 9 comfort foods will help us cope with the best show ever leaving Netflix, nothing will ever make up for it. How I Met Your Mother, you will be dearly missed and your run has been LEGEND-wait for it and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the last part includes-DAIRY!