Are you stressing about finals? Obviously, yes. Honestly, food is the only way I get through studying. It’s the perfect form of procrastination. Plus, it’s delicious. Even if I’m not hungry, food is always on my mind while studying. If I’m reading, studying, or writing an essay, chances are I’m snacking.

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Check out these snack ides to help get you through the next seven days.

1. Warm cookies from the cafe are a must.

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Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies that melt in your mouth?

2. If you’re stuck with a lot of reading, get food that can serve as motivation for each page.

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Skittles and M&Ms are perfect. What other motivation is there to get through that 50 page reading?

3. While you’re on a C-Store run grab some chips.

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Chips are the perfect salty snack. Sea salt and vinegar is the best. But any flavor will do. Because chips.

#SpoonTip: If you’re feeling healthy the C-Store has a great selection of multigrain and organic chips that you don’t have to feel bad about.

4. You can’t study without snacking on chocolate.

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Chocolate is everything. From a candy bar to the bulk bins in the C-Store, you can never eat too much chocolate. Never.

#SpoonTip: Dark Chocolate is actually good for you, so go wild.

5. Get pub food and try to be as graceful as Beyoncé while eating it.

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You won’t be able to, but at least you can still eat a burger (or a chicken finger basket because yum).

#SpoonTip: Upgrade those lame chips to fries. It’s worth it.

6. Doms (aka. Domino’s) is always the move.

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I mean even Jennifer Lawrence knows that.

7. Ice cream. Enough said.

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Ice cream is always the solution. It’s a fact of life. Mint chocolate chip is my go-to, it never fails to comfort the soul. And the C-Store has a great selection of pints you can share (or finish on your own).

8. Easy Mac is the real MVP of all studying snacks.

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It only takes 3.5 minutes to make. It simply cannot be beat. (If you’re feeling fancy try making your own)

Happy eating and good luck!

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