It's 5 o'clock again, and you know what that means. It's time to get your drink on. But here's the thing, happy hour can be so difficult to include in your diet plan. These drink hacks will cut the calories without cutting out the fun. Cheers to a "healthier" happy hour that makes your hour and you happier. Here are the eight low calorie cocktails you should order at your next Happy Hour.

1. Old Fashioned: 155 calories

Call me old fashioned, but this is one of the most underrated drinks in the game. Not to mention, it's only 155 calories. It's whiskey on the rocks garnished with a cocktail cherry and orange. Not only is this alcoholic beverage low calories, but it's also classy as sh*t and makes you feel like a total baller while ordering it.

2. Gimlet: 178 calories

Most people have never heard of this drink before. But it's time to bring it to everyone's attention so it can receive the recognition it deserves. This beverage is 178 calories and has gin as its main source of alcohol. The lime makes it refreshing and pairs perfectly with the taste of gin. Also they tend to be nice and strong, so make sure you don't overdo it. 

3. Screwdriver: 181 calories

Ignore the name, because this drink will NOT screw your diet over. It's only 181 calories and still tastes great. It's vodka mixed with some OJ—you know it will taste great.

#SpoonTip: If you want it to be even more low cal, you can opt for a "splash" of OJ which only means there's more room for vodka.

4. Margarita On The Rocks: 153 calories

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Katherine Richter

When life gives you limes, make a margarita. And make sure that margarita is on the rocks because then you won't have to feel guilty about happy hour. It's only 153 calories and still has all the essentials of your classic marg. Tequila, triple sec, and lime. Name a more iconic trio, I'll wait. 

5. Gin and Diet Tonic: 97 calories

This might be one of the classiest drinks that you can order at the bar - especially when garnished with a lime. If the bar does not have diet tonic water, you can opt for regular tonic water which stands at a little under 200 calories. This drink is guaranteed to make you feel like a boss while sipping. 

6. Wine: 120 calories

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Alex Frank

Anyone that says you can't buy happiness has obviously never had wine before. That's why next happy hour you should choose wine as your beverage of choice. Just be careful with what type of wine you choose because some contain high levels of sugar. 

7. Bloody Mary: 123 calories

Have your cocktail and your vegetables, too. This drink is both low cal and low carb containing only 123 calories. The next best thing to the taste of this beverage is the outrageous presentation. Restaurants and bars will add anything like celery, olives, limes, bacon, lobster, shrimp or even a fully loaded kebob. It's spicy and can also be doubled as a hangover cure. 

8. Vodka Water Lime: 96 calories

This is the lowest calorie alcoholic beverage there is. This drink isn't only low in calories, but it's also counteracting your hangover for the next day. You are simultaneously hydrating as you're getting drunk and your body will thank you for that. This beverage is only 96 calories, which means that you can practically burn off this drink while walking to class or work. 

Happy hour once again. Pour me something tall and strong, but make it skinny. Never let happy hour get the best of your diet with these low calorie cocktails. Because let's face it, any diet that eliminates booze is a diet that we can't and won't follow.