Whenever I Google new Asian restaurants to try in Williamsburg, it always takes me to Brooklyn, rather than Virginia. If any of you have felt this soul-crushing disappointment, I’m starting a support group on Tuesday evenings. But we do have quite a few Chinese restaurants around here, and most of them offer dumplings of some sort, but none of them specialize in dim sum. The tantalizing smell of soup dumplings haunts my dreams, so I compiled a list of fairly easy dim sum recipes you can actually make with friends (or by yourself— no shame in not sharing) to tide you over until you make it to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

1. Gyoza Potstickers

chicken, meat, gyoza, pastry, dumpling, dough
Teodora Maftei

These little pockets of happiness take less than an hour to make and are filled with cabbage, pork, and green onion for a savory snack at any time of the day or night. This easy recipe is just what the doctor prescribed for making it through the winter.

2. Pork and Chive Dumplings

vegetable, ravioli, meat, samosa, dough, dumpling, gyoza
Lily Allen

Another mouthwatering pork classic, these dumplings have a crunchier base and take about an hour to cook. My favorite dipping sauce to pair with these is Sriracha mixed with soy sauce.

3. Spinach and Tofu Dumplings

bacon, pizza, coffee, beer, tea
Joanne Lee

For all the Chinese food-loving vegetarians out there, never fear. I found a recipe out there for you as well. These mouthfuls have spinach, tofu, and jalapeños for an exciting and protein-filled dish. 

4. Siu Mai

meat, dough, pasta, ravioli, tortellini, dumpling
Weichen Yan

These adorable open pockets are called siu mai and this recipe takes less than an hour to get you from sadly dreaming to blissfully eating. There is nothing stopping you from making these easy pork, corn, and carrot bundles.

5. Exciting Hurling Buns

Arden Sarner

If you've got a sense of humor and an afternoon to spare, these hilarious hurling buns are just for you. Traditionally known as Lai Wong Bao, these custard-filled dessert buns were given eyes so you can play with your food. Although this recipe takes about three hours (including prep time), your snapchat story will never be the same— and just think of the Instagram likes.

6. Caramel Apple Dumplings

dairy product, sweet, bread, pastry, flour, dumpling, dough
Laura Bailey

Although these dumplings are not traditional dim sum fare, they're still the perfect treat after a long, cold winter day. They combine your mom's perfect apple pie with the ease of popping dumplings, one after the other. They're made with warm crescent rolls, fragrant apples, brown sugar, and cinnamon, and only take 45 minutes.

7. Lunar New Year Golden Balls

candy, chocolate, cereal, sweet
Wendy Zhou

Another dessert, these golden balls are a traditional dim sum dish and are featured in many Asian families' Lunar New Year celebrations. They can be filled with many things, including minced meat, but these have a red bean paste filling. They're a lovely, sweet-but-crunchy way to end a meal.

8. Authentic Chinese Dumplings

sauce, garlic, chicken
Monica Cheng

Now that you've tried all the other recipes, you're practically an expert. This recipe makes traditional Chinese dumplings with homemade dough, pork, and shrimp. These can be served alone, or with a side of rice or stir-fried veggies. 

Hopefully at least one of these recipes piques your fancy and scratches your dim sum itch before you go stir-crazy eating mac and cheese cups in your dorm.