While you may think your soy, half-caf, twice-blended, sugar-free double chocolate raspberry frappuccino coffee is weird enough, these drinks will show you differently. These drinks are perfect for people who:

a. require some dosage of caffeine in any form in order to be a functioning member of society

b. have the “try-anything-once” mentality

c. are slightly attention hogs and just want to tell stories of all the weird/cool/questionable foods they consume

1. Kopi Luwak

coffee drinks

Photo courtesy of @theinsanefoodie on Instagram

A more appropriate name would be “elephant poop coffee.” Producers feed coffee beans to animals (often elephants), and then normal biological processes take place. Then you drink the coffee made from artisanal-y digested (and excreted) coffee beans. Slightly cringe-worthy? Potentially, but people will still pay up to $100 for a cup in the United States.

2. Stone Ground Greek Coffee

coffee drinks

Photo courtesy of Jimmy L. on yelp.com

I tried this one time. I expected the coffee to be heated by stones or something like that. I got halfway through my cup and I thought I was drinking some combination of coffee, caffeine and dirt. As much as I loved eating dirt as a child, this was not an experience my mouth needs again.

3. Kopi Gu You

coffee drinks

Photo courtesy of ieatishootipost.sg

If Americans think butter can be fried and eaten, butter can definitely go with your caffeinated beverage.

4. Guarapo con Queso

coffee drinks

Photo courtesy of hispanickitchen.com

You add milk to your drink. Milk is dairy. Cheese is dairy. You like cheese. Add cheese to your morning cup of joe.

5. Kaisermelange

coffee drinks

Photo courtesy of @terrysphots on Instagram

Just add and egg yolk and honey. Need a little extra to help wash it down? Add a shot of cognac.

6. Vietnamese Egg Coffee

coffee drinks

Photo courtesy of nudefoodhero.com

There are more ways to add eggs to your morning drink. This time though you can help wash it down with sweetened condensed milk instead of the shot of cognac.

7. Pharisäer

coffee drinks

Photo courtesy of @larissa_rossetto on Instagram

Forget the double shot of espresso. This German drink has a double shot of rum (along with some whipped cream) to make sure you’re wide awake (and possibly tipsy) in the morning.

8. Nitro Coffee

coffee drinks

Photo courtesy of @pittsburghnitro on Instragram

This is for the people who want to pretend to be strong and hipster while drinking their black coffee, but can’t actually handle the bitterness. Nitro coffee is blended with nitrogen to give it a creamy taste and texture even without the milk or cream (shoutout to Portland, Oregon for this one).