Fall breeds innovation. From Dunkin's and Starbucks' iced and hot pumpkin spice beverages all the way to Trader Joe's pumpkin spice cheesecake, hummus, cookies, soap and beyond, it's clear that you can inject a little fall into any food, cleaning product, beauty staple, and beyond. That being said, some may wonder if we've taken our American pumpkin spice obsession a tad too far. After all, we added pumpkin spice to Pringles in 2012. However, I am an adventurous eater and would love to explore the width and breadth of what I'll coin as "PSL-mania." Here are just seven wild, wacky, and unhinged pumpkin spice products that I am curious enough about to give a good faith chance to. 

Pumpkin Spice Gum

Photo via Amazon

For those of you who need a mid-day pick-me-up, skip the minty freshness of a typical gum and opt for a chewy piece of pumpkin spice. Frankly, I don't feel ready to trade in my Orbit Peppermint for anything, but I am willing to try a PSL-flavored gum. It might make my breath smell like a candle, and that's better than actual pumpkin spice latte breath. 

Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese

Photo via creamcheese.com

As a certified cream cheese enthusiast, I was skeptical at first of mixing my beloved bagel spread with some pumpkin spice. However, Philadelphia has entered the sweet cream cheese ring before with strawberry, brown sugar and cinnamon, and more flavors. I trust that this spread would be good on a plain, pumpkin spice or even blueberry bagel. I am willing to go on this fall adventure with my favorite company, Philadelphia. (Philadelphia, please sponsor me, I will be your personal walking advertisement.)

Busch Light Pumpkin Spice Dog Brew

Photo via Busch

If you want to have a beer with your buddy, but your only buddy nearby is your dog, Busch has got you covered. The beer company introduced an alcohol-free pumpkin spice brew for your pup. I can't even lie, as a dog mom to a chihuahua-pug with four teeth, this is something I would definitely buy. It's silly and my pup deserves a treat, and maybe a pumpkin spice toy to match. Plus, I deserve a pumpkin ale.

Pumpkin Spice Red Vines

Photo via shop.americanlicorice,com

First things first: I am a Red Vines hater. I am a Twizzlers fan 'til death do us pull 'n' peel apart. However, I am charitable and am willing to try these, perhaps cursed, pumpkin spice Red Vines to see if the seasonal flavor is an improvement on its traditional taste. 

Pumpkin Spice Cotton Candy

Photo via Walmart.com

You won't find this flavor of candy being spun at your regional or state fair, but you can find it at Walmart. Like most cotton candy flavors, I expect this one to be exceptionally subtle, but maybe just a hint of PSL is what makes eating cotton candy more enjoyable for my tastebuds. Personally, I am a kettle corn girl, but am willing to give this traditional fair food a whirl for a sugary fall treat. 

La Torinese Mini Pumpkin Panettone

Photo via WorldMarket.com

I am super Italian, and I just won't tell my fellow Italian family members that I want to corrupt their traditional panettone with pumpkin spice. If anything, I think this is a major upgrade from the traditional fruitcake mixture. 

Pumpkin Spice Irish Cream

Photo via TotalWine.com

I think it's quite beautiful that we've found a way to intertwine coffee culture with Irish culture. I might get a bottle of this to add a little something-something to my Sunday morning espresso when I can have a fabulous mid-day nap.