As August turns from pool parties to the beginning of the school year, so too does summer lovin' phase into fall festivals. I mean, clearly, many of us are already in full Halloween mode. Count Chocula and his cereal friends are perched on grocery store shelves, and my 20-something apartment is already decked out in dollar-store spiders and potion bottles. Beyond Halloween hunting season, it is obviously pumpkin time. Frankly, I am a year-round pumpkin fan, myself. With the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes, Starbucks fall coffee creamers, and even pumpkin spice popsicles, surely Trader Joe's famous fall lineup can't be far behind. For those of you who stock up your freezer on TJ's Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese, good news is on its way. Several Trader Joe's insiders and social media bloggers seem to have found out when the Trader Joe's fall 2023 items are coming in full force. 

When can we expect Trader Joe's 2023 fall items to arrive?

According to well-loved Instagram account @traderjoesnew, pumpkin season officially begins at Trader Joe's on September 5. Also, @traderjoesnew shared that Pumpkin Kringle specifically arrives September 11.

Fellow Trader Joe's Instagram account @traderjolene shared an Instagram Reel stating, "In my experience, September 1st is typically when everything Fall 🍁 starts rolling in to Trader Joe's."

In an r/TraderJoes Reddit thread, user PaperThin-X-, a store employee confirmed, "End of august/beginning of September at the store I work at."

Other insider info from user LuckyLadee12345 shared, "According to one of the ladies that works at my local T.J's, September 11 is when the pumpkin stuff starts rolling in. I can't wait!"

According to Reddit, many Trader Joe's stores may offer a visual countdown to Pumpkin Palooza. So, you may have to head to your store now to see if any signs are available for your date.

While the "Pumpkin Palooza" rollout may differ from location to location, the consensus of the TJ's lovers and employees is that it tends to be the first week or so of September. 

A recent Instagram story from @traderjoesaficionado revealed that Trader Joe's in Irvine, CA is releasing their fall items on September 7. 

Photo via @traderjoesaficionado on Instagram

What is available in stores right now?

Trader Joe's already has a few pumpkin and fall items in stock. First, the delicious Caramel Apple Mochi has been spotted in the freezer section. The Apple & Pumpkin Hand Pies are also in the TJ's bakery.

As of late August, pumpkin cream cheese spread showed up in refrigerated sections at TJ's. September 5 did reveal a few items to dedicated Trader Joe's fans. Pumpkin Body Scrub with brown sugar appeared in the beauty section, alongside apple cider-scented foaming hand soap

For fans of Trader Joe's flowers, bunches of mums are appearing at stores now too, as shown in a story by @traderjoes_flowers.

September 7 proved to be a big day for many Trader Joe's stores. Instagram user @trader_joes_treasure_hunt based in Florida visited their store to find new Apple Cinnamon Buns in the bakery, Pumpkin O's cereal, Cinnamon Bun Spread, Pumpkin Butter, Fall Harvest Salsa, and Autumnal Harvest pasta sauce. Plus, Halloween is lining TJ's shelves starting now, as the Instagram user also found Ghost & Bats Crispy Potato Snacks.

As of September 12, the iconic Pumpkin Rolls have not yet been spotted. 

Rest assured that much more is on the way. This is only the beginning of a beautiful Trader Joe's fall 2023 shopping season.