Tailgating is a universally loved fall pastime. As the season progresses, however, the weather goes from bright and sunny to crisp and breezy. Holding an ice-cold beer between frozen fingers suddenly doesn't feel so appealing. These seven hot cocktails will add some much-needed warmth to your chilly fall tailgate.

1. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

cream, chocolate, milk, sweet, coffee, hot chocolate, whipped cream, candy, ice, goody
Julia Muro

With the holidays approaching, nothing will warm your spirit quite like spiked hot cocoa. Add peppermint vodka to your Nestlé powder for an instant chocolatey pick-me-up. Or, if you're feeling ambitious, brew your own version for a thicker, richer beverage. 

2. Fireball Cider Sangria

tea, ice, apple, sweet, juice, alcohol
Marie Clark

This homemade apple cider far surpasses any kind you'll find in the grocery store. Pouring a healthy dose of Fireball into the concoction provides a spicy kick that perfectly complements the apple flavors.

3. Spiked PSL

coffee, milk, cappuccino, espresso, cream, mocha, sweet, chocolate, hot chocolate
Sydney Gabel

What better way to embrace fall weather than with the help of pumpkin-flavored cocktails? Those head-over-heels for the PSL will fall in love with this boozy alternative. Give Starbucks a run for its money with our vegan version. 

4. Irish Coffee

coffee, cappuccino, milk, espresso, cream, chocolate, hot chocolate, mocha
Abigail Wilkins

Early morning tailgates just got easier. Start your day off right with bagels and Irish coffee, adding a much-needed breakfast component to any sleep-deprived football fan's tailgate. Especially recommended for Notre Dame students looking to embrace the Fighting Irish culture.

5. Hot Toddy

tea, juice, lemon
Katie Luchette

Flu season hits hard and fast on college campuses. Luckily, you can get through your winter weather cold without compromising your social life. The ingredients in this tea-based cocktail will soothe your throat, making it all-the-more possible to cheer on your team.

6. Alcoholic Latte

Smita Jain

This warm, espresso-filled beverage is the perfect weekend treat to kick off your tailgate. Indulge in your favorite latte — with a twist.

7. Hot Chocolate Cabernet

coffee, chocolate, cream, milk
Emma Danbury

Red, red (chocolate) wine. Use your favorite red wine to create another decadent cocktail worth the extra effort. They don't call chocolate and wine the perfect pairing for nothin'. 

The next time you start to pack a cooler before heading to the football stadium, consider brewing some of these fall flavored cocktails instead. You'll host the most fun and seasonal tailgate in the lot, while remaining warm inside and out.