That's So Raven was my favorite show growing up, so when I heard that it was coming back to Disney, I flipped.

That's right, our favorite childhood TV show is coming back with a sequel. Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven, which aired from 2003 to 2007, is returning with a new spinoff show set to begin filming soon. Not many details have been revealed yet, but it can't be too early to celebrate the comeback of our favorite Baxter. And what better way to celebrate than with food?

First things first...

Make sure you're ready for this once-in-a-lifetime revival of one of the best shows to air on television. To some, like young Corey, that might mean putting on your eating pants

1. Coffee and Cream 

We all remember Raven and Chelsea, aka Coffee and Cream, as the greatest dynamic duo on Disney Channel. Here's hoping that the Disco Divas reunite to prove that they are still "two foxy mommas you don't wanna mess with!"

2. French Fries 

Raven is returning in the sequel as a mother of two, so hopefully Eddie won't instill any of his unhealthy eating habits in her kids. But that doesn't mean Raven can stop us from following in Eddie's footsteps and indulging in some fries ourselves. 

3. Biscuits

It's no secret that Raven had the best crew at Bayside High. With her psychic visions and all her home skillet biscuits to back her up, she was basically unstoppable (aside from her occasional slip ups and embarrassments). 

All those aside, the sequel premier is as good a time as ever to get together with your original squad and reminisce the good old days with some biscuits too. 

4. Mushrooms

Or maybe not, if you're allergic to them like Raven is. Remember that one time she went on TV only to have an allergic reaction to them? Or when she accidentally used mushroom shampoo and almost lost her visions? Yeah, on second thought, I think I'd stay away from those mushrooms for now. 

5. S'mores

High school Raven knew that even the biggest of bullies could be swayed with a good sleepover and s'mores. Maybe her two kids will have the same luck with their school bullies and can make friends as easily as Raven did. 

6. Pizza 

In case you needed another reason to go for that slice of pizza, I'm here to remind you that if Eddie could get off his crutches for a slice, it's only appropriate for the sequel premier. 

7. Jam

For every time Raven unapologetically started her own jam session. 

Until we can begin our countdown of the days until Raven is back on Disney, I'll be here reminiscing about my childhood and rewatching any old YouTube clips of That's So Raven I can find.