As ’90s kids with little to no recollection of the actual ’90s, to us, childhood can be equated with eating a Hot Pocket while watching That’s So Raven, and checking to make sure our moms didn’t kill our Tamagotchis while we were at school. The early 2000’s mark our real childhood, and they were a treasure to be cherished. Disney Channel arguably produced its best content to date, and we’ll still never say no to watching the Lizzie McGuire Movie.

So if you’ve personally taken multiple online quizzes about Disney Channel, you’re not alone. But if there’s anything we loved more than a good Disney Channel Original Movie, it was food. The early 2000’s were an era of colorful, questionable snacks, from Kid Cuisines to purple ketchup. It wasn’t organic or gluten-free —in fact, we’re not sure what it really was at all— but we loved it.

So here’s the perfect pairing of our favorite childhood memories: discover your Disney Channel alter ego based on your favorite snack from the early 2000’s.

Dunkaroos…and Troy Bolton

early 2000's

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Ah, yes, our favorite heart throb. If you didn’t have a Zac Efron poster on your wall at some point from 2005 to, well, now, you’re lying. Everyone remembers watching Troy Bolton cruise around the basketball court in High School Musical, wooing all the girls at the Wildcats games. And we all still know the words to ‘Get Your Head in the Game’.

Basketball will never be as exciting as it was in that movie, and we were all rooting for him to get a slam dunk and score major points with Gabriella. So if you love a good dunk, your Disney Channel alter ego is Troy Bolton.

Cosmic Brownies…and Zenon

early 2000's

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See what we did there? Cosmic brownies and the Zenon movie saga were both out of this world. If you love outer space, or you just love chocolate and Disney Channel, then this snack-character combo is for you. Plus, who doesn’t envy Zenon’s undeniable sense of style?

Smiley face fries…and Miley Stewart


We pretty much all had a Hannah Montana phase. Miley Cyrus’s break-through role turned her into a pop culture icon, and we all learned that her name was actually derived from the nickname ‘Smiley’. Perfect match for some smiley fries.

Plus, if you remember the first episode of Hannah Montana as well as I do, then you remember the scene where Miley’s crush (obviously played by Corbin Bleu) talks to her in the lunch room and she gets so distracted that she covers herself in ketchup. I can still feel the second-hand embarrassment—if only she had some smiley fries to go with all that condiment.

Pepperoni pizza Lunchables and…Lizzie McGuire

early 2000's

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Is it embarrassing to say she’s still my role model in 2016? The girl was an icon. After years of commitment to the great TV series, the Lizzie McGuire Movie came out and we all flocked to theaters to watch her take a trip to Italy. So if you could appreciate the authentic Italian cuisine of pepperoni pizza Lunchables as a child, then Lizzie McGuire is absolutely your early 2000’s alter ego. No promises that you’ll become an international pop star though.

The list of our favorite Disney Channel characters and our favorite early 2000’s snacks could go on and on. So if you’re enjoying the resurgence of denim skirts and turtlenecks this year, we know you’re spending a little extra time channeling your inner early 2000’s. Plus, on a college student budget, there’s nothing wrong with living off of dino nuggets and Capri Suns alone. I guess you can take the kid out of the early 2000’s, but you can’t take the early 2000’s out of the kid.