Trying to find a way to burn calories is something you probably think about a lot. But there isn't always time to go to the gym or go for a run. You're stuck trying to figure out how to burn some calories without having to do anything athletic. Well, look no further, because I might have your solution (kind of). 

Eating certain foods can help you burn calories (aka boost your metabolism). You might not even realize that some of the foods you eat every day do just that. Most, if not all, the foods on this list you've eaten at some point. Even if those foods aren't your absolute favorite - I think it might be worth giving them a second chance

1. Grapefruit 

juice, grapefruit, citrus, lemon
Justin Schwebel

Not only does this food look pretty, but it also will help your metabolism to burn more calories than it already does. Since grapefruits are rich in fiber, you won't be looking for another snack right after eating. If eating straight up grapefruit isn't really your thing, then try out this recipe to get your grapefruit fix.

2. Celery

vegetable, carrot, celery, hummus
Marie Chantal Marauta

Celery contains a lot of water and very little calories. It actually takes more calories to eat this vegetable than it contains – you might want to add this to your next shopping list. But if it's too plain for you to eat by itself, just pairing it with some hummus (or even some peanut butter) will give it a much-needed flavor boost.  

3. Green Tea 

milk, cream, coffee, tea
Ana Cvetkovic

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that will help kickstart your metabolism. Not only will it help you burn more calories, but it is also is a great way to lose weight naturally (without trying some funky diet). It doesn't matter if you're drinking it in the morning or right before bed, just make sure you're adding a cup (or two) to your day. 

4. Avocado

vegetable, guacamole, avocado
Rebecca Holstein

Avocados have become a fan-favorite when it comes to toast toppings but did you know they're filled with monounsaturated fats that work to speed up your metabolism? Well, it's true – so you might want to add this food into your diet if it isn't there already. 

5. Spicy Foods 

salsa, legume, green pepper, cayenne, jalapeno, pepper, vegetable, chili
Sarah Strohl

Like to add a little kick to your meal? That's a good thing since you'll be speeding up your metabolism with every bite.  Not only that, but the spiciness will help you feel full and (hopefully) stop you from eating more. If you're not keen on super spicy foods, then start out with something mild and work your way up to the super hot stuff. 

6. Salmon 

grilled salmon, lemon, salmon
Jessica Yu

Salmon is filled with omega-3 fatty acids which are great for you if you're trying to burn calories and lose weight. Your metabolism will increase when eating omega-3 fatty acids, and you'll love the different ways you can incorporate salmon into your diet. In fact, just try out this recipe if you're having trouble finding a good one. 

7. Coffee

black coffee, tea, milk, mocha, cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Rebecca Buechler

You're probably already having (at least) one cup of coffee a day, so there's no need to switch anything up here. Coffee increases your heart rate and oxygen levels, which helps burn calories. But make sure you're not going too crazy with the cream and sugar – that's where all the extra calories come in. 

You might have already been eating these foods but didn't know the benefits that came along with them. If you're looking for an easy way to burn some extra calories, then this is the thing for you. Any way to burn calories without exercising is a good (and not at all lazy) way.