If you're keeping up with the latest reality TV trend, then you've probably already finished all eight episodes of "Queer Eye," a show featuring five fabulous gay men (the Fab Five) who work together on re-amping other men's lifestyles. Antoni's job is all about food and wine, so he works with men on sexying up their diet, making it healthier, more enjoyable, and homemade.

After one day of being in bed sick with a killer flu, I watched the entire season in one sitting. I was cured after a day of watching fashion, food, and home makeovers (with the Fab Five, that was a lot of eye candy). Personally, I think Antoni's dishes are definitely something I can do, and so can anyone else if they put some effort into it. However, other people left believing Antoni doesn't really cook. And my sister left believing that his dishes, while pretty, are TOTALLY impractical. But I'm here to share with you seven practical versions of Antoni's "Queer Eye" recipes, and some tips that will definitely impress your bougie friends.  

Episode 1: Guacamole

Who doesn't love a good guac? Out of all of Antoni's dishes, I've got to give it to him, his guacamole was quite impressive. He's got fresh avocado, lime, salt, cilantro, and a spoonful of creamy Greek yogurt. While some people like it extra creamy, yogurt in my guac? I don't think so. I like it fresh, I like it chunky, and I like it traditional. Let's switch the yogurt for some onion and tomato, and before you know it, your friends will be raving about that fresh dip you whipped up all on your own. 

Try out one of these four ways to make guacamole to see how you like it best.

Episode 2: Grilled Cheese

Honestly, guys, I'm not gonna lie to you. That grilled cheese featured on the second episode of "Queer Eye" looked dank, I've dreamt about it, I've wanted to make it, and I've even tried making it... But with my college budget seeking out the ingredients for a buttered leek Gruyère grilled cheese wasn't doable.

With that said, there are many practical ways we can make the perfect grilled cheese, and what we can't be afraid of is being generous with the butter. I swear, the key to making the perfect grilled cheese is lots and lots and lots of butter, and of course making sure the cheese is melted all the way through. Try out one of these 17 grilled cheese recipes for an easy meal.

Episode 3: Grapefruit Avocado Salad

This is my favorite recipe from "Queer Eye." It's beautiful, it's sexy, it's healthy, it looks delicious, and it's so impractical... who's about to supreme the nipple of a grapefruit without a) laughing (no matter how mature you are it's a little funny), and b) chopping off your fingers? Supreming is some top chef sh*t that not even top chefs know how to do.

Okay, I'm being dramatic, but this dish isn't the most practical thing to make. While impressive, I don't think I have the patience to supreme an entire grapefruit. That said, a fruit salad with avocado is so delicious and worth trying, so peeling a grapefruit and pairing it with some avocado and fresh orange juice is the perfect way to ease into something more difficult down the road. And the best part is your friends will think you're so creative for mixing avocado and fruit and it being so tasty. 

#SpoonTip: If you really want to make an avocado grapefruit salad, give this easy recipe a try. 

Episode 4: Arepas con Queso Fundido 

Hold on real quick. Let me just pull out my fondue kit and portable veggie pan and make Arepas con Queso Fundido with veggies. Practical or impractical? All jokes aside, this dish looks DANK. When Antoni was making it I was taking notes, but I had one issue: I didn't have the equipment to make fondue nor did I have this fancy grill Antoni was grilling his veggies on.

However, this dish can go from impractical to practical with just a few simple steps. Make homemade fried corn cakes, grill some veggies like onions and peppers on the stove top with some pepper, salt, and olive oil, and melt some cheese in between the corn cake and yummy veggies. Arepas can be loaded with a bunch of different ingredients, so impress your friends with a yummy platter of these treats! 

#SpoonTip: You can likely find pre-made arepas at your local grocery store, too. 

Episode 5: Chili  

Surprise, surprise! Antoni whipped up a practical dish anyone can make, including busy, tired, Bob. And best part is you can make a lot of it for your bougie friends and impress them with how easy it is. Antoni listed out the ingredients to his chili in his Instagram post (which is nicely shown right above), but you can make your own chili that is vegan, vegetarian or meaty that any of your friends will love.

Not only is this a simple dish you can make in the morning, cook all day, and enjoy at night, but it's also healthy, filling, and protein packed. What better way to end your night than with a warm cup of chili and some good friends? Try one of these 10 one-pot chili recipes for dinner this week.

Episode 6: Mac and Cheese

Again with an amazing surprise! Antoni shocked us with another practical meal. Pair it with some chili and you've totally got a hearty winter feast for your friends to rave about. In episode six, Antoni got personal with Remy's family and taught Remy some of his grandmother's old recipes. There was meatloaf, there was green beans, there was hard punch, and there was creamy, cheesy, baked mac and cheese.

The secret to Antoni's mac and cheese was cottage cheese and green peas. Oh my gosh, this meal looked divine, and wow did I want to join his family for dinner. Mix your favorite cheese, add peas and pasta to it, pour it all in an oven-safe baking dish, pop it in the oven, and enjoy this very practical meal. Or you can make one of these single-serving mac and cheese recipes instead. Your choice. 

Episode 7: Note from Antoni

In episode seven, Antoni didn't have a recipe to show, but throughout the season he gave some really good advice about food to each guy. If you've watched any of this series, you know that the first season takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. Let me tell you, Atlanta is a staple for DELICIOUS food. I mean really delicious food. Antoni's advice: if you can get it fresh, don't get it canned.

And what better advice than choosing fresh produce over canned? Choose your food by season; this makes fresh choices more accessible and affordable. And cook your own food; if you can cook your own meals, then you know exactly what you're eating and you can choose what you're putting in your body. There is really nothing better than feeding your body healthy, tasty, love-filled food.  

Episode 8: Hot Dogs

Let's talk about hot dogs—a fan's favorite, fun, barbecued treat. "Sometimes, it's about taking something that is so classic, and just adding a tiny, little element of making it something that is special," says Antoni. In this episode, Antoni was showing a firefighter how to fancy up his hot dogs with just a few simple steps. This firefighter was no chef in the kitchen, so not only was this dish easy, but it was also pretty practical.

Antoni whipped up two different hot dogs: a sweet and sour hot dog and a crunchy, spicy hot dog. Hot dog one is topped with thinly cut pickled carrots and a honey Dijon mustard sauce. The pickled carrots you can buy at a grocery store, and the sauce is simple. All you've got to do is combined Dijon and honey in a bowl!

The second hot dog is loaded with mayo and chipotle adobo. Mix the two together and add some regular ridged chips right on top of the sauce and hot dog. Not too impractical! If you're ever throwing a barbecue, whip up these treats and your friends will definitely be coming back for more.

I swear, no shade towards Antoni. Some of his meals were a little bit impractical, but I can overlook that. And there's always a way to make a difficult meal a little more amateur-friendly. This show is funny, cute, and so entertaining. On a lazy day, whip up some of these meals as you binge-watch "Queer Eye." Invite your friends over, have a feast, and everyone can choose a dish to make and then you can all watch the show together. Food, wine, and lounging. I don't know about you, but that definitely sounds like the perfect party to me.