For better or worse, alcohol is a big deal at college parties. At some point or another, you'll want to get some bottles but underestimate their price. You'll head to the liquor store, see bottles galore, check out their prices, and wonder how you could possibly make this purchase work on a budget. 

Well don't fear, I have 6 quick tips to help you have fun while still keeping some money in your wallet. 

1. Go to Liquor Stores With Price Matching

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Sarah Strong

Chances are, most liquor stores will do whatever they can in order to get your business. Some will even go as far as price matching. So do your research before you head out.

2. Attend Booze Tasting Events

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Victoria Pierce

Most liquor stores here in New York offer some sort of deal or discount on your purchase if you attend any of their tastings. Free booze and a discount for your purchase? What's better than that?

3. Buy in Bulk During Sales

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Abigail Wilkins

If you see that those bottles of Grey Goose, Ciroc, or Patron are all half off, buy twice as much as you normally would now and then figure out how you're going to store them all later once you get home.

4. Check the Price Per ml or Ounce

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Connor Howe

Although the sticker price on some bottles may appear to be cheaper than others, that may not mean that the bottle is actually cheaper. By shopping in terms of price per ml or ounce, you might be able to snag a one or 1.5 liter bottle of booze for the same or cheaper price than your standard 750ml bottle.

5. "Like" Your Liquor Store's Facebook Page

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Melissa Miller

Some liquor stores will give you a small discount of up to 15% if you "like" their Facebook page. Make sure to ask next time you're in the store.

6. Check Drizly and Ebates 

beer, wine, alcohol, ale, liquor
Melanee Piskai

Drizly is a website and mobile app that delivers alcohol in an hour or less. They usually have a price comparison under each bottle to ensure that you get the best deal possible. Sometimes, you could find a standard 750ml bottle of Ciroc for $14. Also, if you shop on Drizly via Ebates, you get some cash back on your booze purchase. 

Whether or not you're buying bottles for yourself, family, friends, or for a party, it's always a good thing to save money while doing so. So keep these tips in mind next time you shop.