Sometimes, you're in the mood to do one thing and one thing only: drink. You could either stick with your usual, or you could ditch your regular and indulge in some of the best tasting liquor within the United States. But whatever you do, try your best to avoid these very bad, bad boys.

1. Ciroc Mango

As your parents probably told you when you were younger, "eat your fruits and veggies." What they didn't tell you is that your fruits and veggies also come in vodka formation. Ciroc Mango is smooth, sweet, and doesn't have a smell to it - so drink up.

2. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

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Scott Harrington

As mentioned by the bottle's label, Fireball tastes like cinnamon. While drinking this would be a much better alternative to completing the cinnamon challenge, whatever you do, drink like the bomb ass responsible adult that you are.

3. Grey Goose Vodka

If anything, Grey Goose is two things- smooth and popular. While the standard bottle is marked as flavorless, it reminds me of water, which is healthy. 

4. Stolichnaya Razberi

The specific flavor of Stolichnaya, or Stoli for short, for some reason, pairs well with pizza. Pizza, for most people, is bae. Essentially, if you love pizza, you will love this vodka.

5. Effen Cucumber

If Sprite Zero had a grown up spiked version, this would be it. Most people love Sprite or Sprite Zero to begin with, which is why this vodka made the list of best tasting liquors.

6. Don Julio Blanco

One good thing about Don Julio Blanco would be that it's smooth. I might just be saying that because I'm more of a vodka person, but regardless of what I drink, I want it to be smooth.

7. Hennessy V.S. Cognac

Henny made this best tasting liquors list due to its popularity and taste (obviously). Plus, whenever you drink it, "hennything can happen." 

8. Johnnie Walker Black Label

With Johnnie Walker Black Label, you're paying for the quality of the alcohol. While it may seem redundant to get something just because of its quality, that doesn't mean that it's not worth trying out.

9. Effen Black Cherry Vodka

With this specific vodka, the taste is bold and goes down smoother than smooth. What I like the most is that it doesn't taste like chemicals and reminds me of drinking flavored water.

10. Smirnoff Sorbet Light Lemon

Smirnoff may be everywhere, but have you ever wondered about its history? Smirnoff Sorbet Light Lemon has made this list because it's light and refreshing, just in time for summer. Not only that, but with this lemon drink, you're able to skip those lemonade stands.

11. Smirnoff Peach

It's summertime, where most fruits and veggies decide to make an appearance. Most of us might not want to eat them, but if we drink them, that still counts, right?

12. Grey Goose Le Melon

It's smooth, bold, light, and Grey Goose Le Melon. Did you know that instead of going to Starbucks all the time, you could spend that money on 27 liters of Grey Goose? That's a very beautiful thing.

13. Absolut Citron

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Avery Allen

Citron, a.k.a. citrus is always trendy for the warmer weather, and the flavor in this vodka is no joke. A little goes a long way, so you could keep drinking all summer long without breaking the bank.

14. Ciroc Red Berry

There's something about the taste of this vodka that makes me want to say "cherry cherry boom boom" along with Lady Gaga. It pops with each sip and makes me feel classier than I actually am.

15. Patron Silver

alcohol, liquor, vodka, wine, beer
Lucy Carlisle

Patron Silver is of great quality and is amazing for parties- especially on Cinco de Drinko. The bottle's also cute, which would be a nice souvenir for somebody to take home or to use as a flowerpot.