Alcohol - it's a staple at parties/events, college campuses, at home, and at some worksites. From time to time, we're unable to finish the entire bottle ourselves but don't want to share with others. This results in having to either hide the bottle or freeze it, which would both be pointless. People could always find where you're hiding your bottle, and nobody seems to know why alcohol doesn't freeze. 

Why can't alcohol freeze?

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Isabella Cuellar

There are two main reasons why alcohol doesn't freeze. The main reason would be due to the fact that in most alcohol is a substance called ethanol. What ethanol, also known as "ethyl alcohol", is known as would be the foundation for most alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and most hard liquors. 

Another thing to know about ethanol is besides being used in alcohol, it's also used in gasoline here in the United States. Ethanol is also listed as "a renewable, domestically produced transportation fuel." Gross, right? 

Essentially, your alcohol can't freeze because the components that are used in the gasoline (that's also in your alcohol) all have to be frozen using different temperatures, which makes it almost impossible to get your alcohol to freeze – which leads me to the second point. 

The second reason why your alcohol can't freeze is that different alcohols have different freezing points. What this means is that your freezer would have to be colder than the North Pole to get your alcohol to freeze just a little bit. The bad part about that is that most freezers are unable to get as cold as necessary to properly freeze your booze.

What does this even mean?

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Alex Frank

To you, this means a few different things. Either you can get a freezer that'll get as cold as necessary to freeze your booze, only buy as much alcohol as you need, head out to the bar/parties more often, or realize that you're basically drinking gasoline and should stop sooner than later. 

Also, keep in mind that gasoline is made for vehicles and not for humans. Never forget that you're much better than a vehicle and that vehicles and humans need to be fueled up differently from one another.