I’m sure the last thing that you were thinking as you were doing shots this weekend was how you were doing yourself a favor. Well it turns out that there are some legitimate, scientific reasons to drink hard alcohol.


Photo by Lauren Kaplan


1. Keeps Your Brain Sharp

While you may or may not be able to remember what happened at that party, the ethanol in alcohol is a key way to resist the general abuse our brain suffers with age. Consider that cocktail a fun way to combat Alzheimers or dementia.

2. Fights Heart Disease

Some types of alcohol, including your favorite go-to beer, contain antioxidants called phenols that combat heart disease while also lowering the risk of hypertension.

3. Helps for a Healthier Lifestyle

Social drinkers, as compared to those who drink alone, typically have a healthier, happier life because they put more pride in their general appearance and attitude. These factors mean that you’re more likely to exercise and eat healthy.

Photo by Phoebe Melnick, BU Spoon

4. Makes You Happy

That buzzed feeling is not merely the night talking. Drinking alcohol is often linked with stress reduction and euphoria, which not only make for a better happy-go-lucky evening.

5. Soothes a Sore Throat

Gargling a little whiskey and some warm water numbs the pain that may have been caused by going to hard at karaoke.

6. Lengthens Your Life

Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol every day is said to elongate a person’s life. This idea follows a similar pattern to the Mediterranean Diet’s habit of drinking alcohol with every meal.


Photo by Lauren Kaplan

7. Increases Your Sex Drive

Enough said. But seriously, moderate drinking has definite ties to keeping your sex life healthy and happy. Just don’t drink too much or it will have the opposite effect.

8. Combats Diabetes

Compared to those who don’t drink alcohol, consumers have a smaller risk of getting type 2 Diabetes in their life.

9. Keeps your Breath Fresh

Who knew? A quick swig of vodka kills the bad breath inducing bacteria in your mouth due to its high alcohol content.

Photo by Phoebe Melnick, BU Spoon

10. Piques Your Creativity

A study once showed that people who drank throughout a test scored higher on a problem solving test than their sober counterparts. While this definitely shouldn’t be your solution to acing your next test, alcohol is a fun way to feel more creative.

11. Acts as Liquid Courage

Alcohol is a great way to temporarily boost courage at the next social event. Before going to hit on the hottie on the other side of the room, take a shot. Trust me, science says it helps.

If you’re looking to try some pretty cool new drink recipes, here are a few suggestions to match: your typical winter weather, your craving for something sweet and boozey, your Pinterest DIY heart with marshmallow shot glasses, or your love for chocolate and alcohol combined into the greatest drink ever.