Are you the one who can’t resist the scrumptious cakes and muffins but give in to the matrix of weight gain? Do you enjoy baking but seem to be weary of the ingredients used as they add up to your calorie count? It’s odd to flip through recipe books to find cakes which you can enjoy without ruining your diet plan. Is healthy baking a thing? Well, yes it sure is.

Cocoa powder is the main ingredient of many items you bake especially for kids as nothing is complete without chocolate. But there are items including biscuits and breads which are made without the chocolate essence and are a treat to your taste buds.

Here are some delicious, healthier, easy to make baking items eliminating the calorie count of cocoa powder.

1. Danish Apple Cake

Apoorva Jain

This is one of the most fulfilling cakes one can ever have. And YES it's healthy too! Danish Apple Cake get its name from Æblekage which mean Apple cake in Danish. A layer of apples is added to the sugar and cake mixture, then baked to get a fine texture. Whether children or grandparents, everyone wants to have a piece once their taste buds get a glimpse of it.

2. Fruit Cake

Apoorva Jain

Do you enjoy Cadbury's fruit cake? Is it your all time favorite snack? Well then this is the perfect thing to learn to bake. This fruit cake has an easy eggless recipe with colourful and yum preserved fruits. You can create your own version of the recipe by adding nuts as done in some regions of the world. Now you know what to grab when hungry! 

3. Banana Bread

Apoorva Jain

Time to go bananas! From banana shake to banana muffins, we can never underestimate the ultimate flavour of this fruit. Banana bread comes from American land where it is experimented in a lot of styles. You can add dried raisins (as shown in the picture) or blueberries to complement its flavour.   FUN FACT: 23rd February is the National Banana Bread Day in USA!

4. Vanilla Muffins

All the vanilla lovers raise your hands! Vanilla Muffins are there to protect us from being hangry. Nothing can beat the taste of freshly baked muffins just out of the oven. The best part about this recipe is that you can add or remove as many elements as per your need. Want some ice frosting? There you go! 

5. Lemon Loaf

Lemon Loaf or also known as lemon cake is a favourite for tea time and coffee shops. Lemon is also used in other cakes but here it gives a dense flavour and complements the loaf well. It can be made with both lemon zest and juice. 

Are you ready to try them all? Hurry up, it's time to get the brownie points.