Have you ever been consumed by the feeling of sheer exhaustion all day long? Or even worse, the most painfully ironic feeling of finally getting into bed and all of a sudden you are more awake than you had been all day? I know I have. This is why I was so inspired to take matters into my own hands and find natural remedies for sleep. It turns out that the right types of food can really be the best medicine. Take my word for it and I assure you you will be on the right path towards catching those z's you very well deserve.

1. Tea: 

Mackenzie Huggins

Okay, here's the tea: this very well may be your best bet when it comes to sleep. Opting for a warm nighttime tea can relax your body and help to decrease anxiety. Chamomile tea, a favorite of mine, is one of the best teas for sleep. It has been shown to promote drowsiness and can decrease worry and stress.

2. Turkey:

chicken, meat, turkey
Helena Lin

There is always something about turkey that makes me feel just that much sleepier. For a while, I though I was just imaging this but it turns out that turkey actually contains the amino acid tryptophan which contributes to drowsiness. This amino acid is an ingredient in melatonin, the hormone that controls sleepiness. Basically what i'm trying to get here is that turkey can make you sleepy and a few pieces before bed can go along way.

3. Nuts:

nut, almond, meat, apricot pits, walnut
Torey Walsh

Nuts are a great sleep remedy. Nuts like almonds and walnuts are a great way to naturally promote drowsiness. Almonds contain magnesium, the mineral that is needed to decrease stress and increase relaxation. And, just like turkey, walnuts contain tryptophan which helps you to feel sleepy. This nut may also lead to to a better night's sleep as well. I highly recommend giving this remedy a try...I mean why nut?

4. Oatmeal:

Ellie Yamanaka

Though it is advertised as a breakfast food, oatmeal has its benefits at all hours of the day. This food is not only delicious but is a great snack before bed. The oats in the oatmeal are loaded with magnesium, melatonin, calcium and potassium--all of which contribute to your ability to fall sleep.

5. Bananas:

banana, pasture, vegetable, yellow summer squash, Fruit, Market
Amelia Hitchens

Not only are bananas a great choice for a healthy snack during the daytime, but they are also a great option for a necessary late night snack. Bananas contain magnesium which helps your body stay asleep. The magnesium in bananas also helps calm your nerves, your body and your mind. Sounds like a recipe for quality sleep to me.