Let’s face it: with final exams, group projects and major papers looming over us, we’re being forced to stay up late, even all night, doing your work and studying. And obviously a student’s gonna get hungry doing all that. But is late night snacking really that bad?

By the way, if you are skeptical about whether eating late-night snack is healthy: weight gain results only from eating more calories than you burn (Read: Why Calories In vs Calories Out Is the Key); so late-night snack doesn’t necessarily cause weight gain. Quick tip: if you know you want to eat something at night no matter what, just eat less calories in the other meals to save quota for this one (no more guilt!)

You know you want to stay away from the malicious processed food as much as possible, so here are some quick ideas for you:


late night snacking

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If you are just looking for something to munch on, you gotta love veggies: low in sugar and high in fiber; what more could you ask for? My usual selections are:

Most juicy: Cherry tomatoes
Most crunchy: Celery sticks (with hummus if you like)
Most accessible: Baby carrots (It is easy to find them in small packs) but warning, they can be high in sugar compared to other veggies.


For those with a sweet tooth, fruits are sweet and also high in fiber, so a whole raw fruit might satisfy your need for a snack. Watch the fructose level though, because having too much of anything is bad. I always like to keep blueberries, pears and plums in my fridge

Kiwi is recommended too, if you are diligent enough to deal with its skin, which most of the time I’m not.

Here’s a handy chart of fiber and fructose content of popular fruits:

Photo Courtesy of The Telegraph

If you absolutely must have something more than veggies and fruits…

Nuts: They’re high in protein; watch the fat though.

Yogurt: Watch the sugar content. Calories. Calories. Calories.

Air-popped popcorn: Make sure they are the butter-free ones or else…

Whole-grain pretzels: About 100 calories per ounce and usually high in sodium. Also, keep your total calories in mind because it is easy to eat five bags and, oops, another full meal it is.
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