Riverdale has claimed its spot as the most binge-worthy show ever since its first episode aired. Just when fans thought the second season couldn't get any crazier than the first, it did. It constantly has me on the edge of my seat, leaving me with either a pillow over my head or a new hangnail.

For every time you want to scream, cry, or turn off the TV, try these 5 foods to get you through the countless times Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Archie, or any of your other favorite characters are put in a life-or-death situation. 

Be warned, there are spoilers ahead! Don't read if you haven't caught up yet.

1. Popcorn

rice, popcorn, corn, wheat, cereal
Sara Carte

Popcorn, as basic as it may seem, is an ideal snack during an intense scene. It's easy to grab while still having your eyes glued to the drama happening onscreen. When I was watching Archie's dad get shot by the Black Hood, all I wanted near me was the largest bucket of popcorn available.

#SpoonTip: To spice up your average popcorn, melt some chocolate and drizzle it all over the top. If you're feeling extra fancy, you can try these recipes.

2. Pretzels

pastry, doughnut, candy, sweet, pretzel
Allie Koestler

Pretzels- just like popcorn- are not only addicting but easy to eat. You can continuously shove them into your mouth during all of the nail-biting moments. Whether it's Cheryl burning her house to the ground or Jughead getting beaten up by the South Side Serpents, you can be sure that good 'ol pretzels will be there for you. 

3. M&M's

m&m, sweet, chocolate, candy
Alex Frank

M&M's are bright and colorful, which is the complete opposite of Riverdale's moody, dark atmosphere. If you need some brightening up after the scene in which Betty contacts the Black Hood, M&M's will be there for you. If you're happy after watching a cute Archie and Veronica scene, M&M's will also be there for you. So don't worry, in good times and in bad, M&M's  will always come through.

4. French Fries

ketchup, potato, salt, french fries
Amelia Hitchens

French fries and Riverdale have one thing in common: they're incredibly addictive. Even though Riverdale might keep you up at night, you continue to tune in every Wednesday at 8 pm. This is the same for fries. You know that you should probably eat something healthier, yet you continually go back to them because duh, they're fries

5. Burger

lettuce, tomato, hamburger, bun, bacon, cheddar, cheese
Alex Frank

A burger is definitely not the cleanest food, but it makes the last spot on the list because it makes you feel like you're sitting in Pop's with the cast. There is nothing more comforting than chowing down on a good, juicy hamburger (or veggie burger) while watching Riverdale. When a dead Jason Blossom pops up on the screen, it might be in your best interests to distract yourself with this American classic.

So for the next time you have a Riverdale watch-party with your friends, I'd recommend serving these foods to make your favorite show a little less scary.