Have you ever watched a TV series and started craving what the characters are eating? This happens to me often, as food from tv shows are all too appealing. I'll google if the restaurant or bakery they're referring to is real, but sadly sometimes they're not. These are five foods that, if they existed, would make any tv watcher's dreams real. 

1. Mama's Little Bakery from Friends

After watching this episode, I remember looking up if Mama's Little Bakery in Chicago was real. Unfortunately, it's not. That doesn't stop us though, from craving the 'creamiest' cheesecake that Rachel and Chandler steal from their neighbor, twice

2. Gazzola's from How I Met Your Mother

Can we join Ted and Marshall on their trip to Chicago for a slice of Gazzola's pizza? Marshall gushes about the pizza place in such detail, it sounds like a food we must try. 

3. Blair Waldorf's Pumpkin Pie from Gossip Girl

The fall season calls for it! Although we can't buy this pie, don't you wish you had the famous Waldorf pumpkin pie recipe for this October and holiday season? Classic Blair Waldorf—setting a trend, in fashion and in culinary matters. 

4. Giacomo AND Siam Palace's from The Big Bang Theory

Pizza must be a favorite, since it shows up on this list twice! And if Giacomo's is Sheldon Cooper approved for pizza night, then it must be something we need to try. If we're following Sheldon's price schedule, on Monday's Thai food from Siam Palace is something that cannot be missed!

5. Central Perk from Friends

Anything from Central Perk will do, from a muffin to a large cup of coffee, or just to be part of the group sitting on the orange couch. The only thing I want to know apart from how Monica got that apartment in NYC, is how can we make Central Perk real?*

*turns out someone did in 2014. Why doesn't this happen more often? 

AND, an honorary mention to a famous tv-related food we can try:

Big Mama's & Papa

Not only did Ellen DeGeneres take an amazing selfie in the 2014 Oscar's, she also ordered pizza in the middle of the ceremony. Share a pizza with Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper? Yes, please! If you happen to find yourself in Southern California, you might want to order the same pizza these stars had at the Dolby Theater.