Have you ever been watching a TV show and see a character pick up a stand-out brand food or drink, and instantly think, "I could so go for that right now"? If that's the case, the brand's advertising team just picked up a major dub. Product placement embeds products within TV programs or movies to promote the product and has been a huge part of the entertainment industry for years.

Considering everyone and their mother vies to find a binge-worthy show today, companies that effectively incorporate their products into television shows can reap major benefits, such as greater sales and recognition. Here are some stand-out examples of product placements in television.  

1. Stranger Things: Eggos

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much are you craving Eggos waffles right now? If you said Eleven, you know what's up. This 2016 Netflix series hit helped boost sales a little for Eggos, until their Listeria breakout, changing "Leggo my Eggo" to a whole new meaning.  

2. American Idol: Coca-Cola

Even if you prefer Pepsi over Coke, after watching American Idol you still wanted one of those red Coca-Cola cups for yourself. This product placement was more effective when the judges would use the cups to cover their smirks and giggles during terribly hilarious auditions. Shoutout to you, William Hung. 

3. Hairspray Live: Oreo

Oreo is known for their awesome and effective advertisements, making them the world's best-selling cookie. Their use of real-time advertising is impeccable, and this example proves it. The company had "Corny Collins" advertise the cookie live rather than play a recorded commercial. Once again, Keebler, take notes. 

4. Weeds: Diet Coke 

Nancy Botwin's business of selling weed for a living may have put her life at risk a couple of times, but her Diet Coke intake may have been even more dangerous. Still, every time Nancy cracked open a cold, crisp can of Diet Coke, no matter how many times per episode, I craved one automatically, and I don't even drink soda. 

5. Sex and the City: Absolut 

SATC fans everywhere were devastated when Samantha broke up with her gorgeous model boyfriend Smith Jerrod, but probably more so because he wouldn't be a series regular anymore. Smith, gone but never forgotten, gave viewers some unforgettable and drool-worthy moments, but perhaps his revealing Absolut Vodka ad was his most memorable. 

6. Seinfeld: Junior Mints

Seinfeld is probably one of the most father-approved shows to ever exist, and you've most likely have seen episodes even if you didn't want to. However, you can't deny the insane plot-lines and witty banter were deserving of a chuckle or two (I mean seriously, a woman dying from licking toxic envelopes?). The Junior Mints episode not only got the candy's name out there, but also a lot of air-time with the help of some slow motion.