Thanksgiving is the holiday where families come together and appreciate everything they have. With 9 Thanksgiving episodes, ‘Friends’ depicts the holiday including the good, the bad, and the ugly; not very different from the holiday we celebrate every year with our own families. 

All your cousins come back from college sporting their new looks

And Grandma makes a comment on whether you gained the freshman 15 or if you lost a lot of weight

You open the door for all your relatives and see all the food they brought for you to stuff your face with  

And as you get older, mom might even give you some of the cooking responsibilities which can make or break the evening

But at least you have fun with the fam doing it!

Thanksgiving football plays on the TV while the guys play their own game in the backyard

Which might get a little too competitive

And probably results in a minor injury 

After all the fun and games, it's time for the dinner everyone has been eagerly awaiting

Everyone is ready to say thanks and dive into that turkey. They didn’t wear their Thanksgiving pants for nothing!

But even though the food is great, you still have to tolerate Grandpa's war stories,

The old folks political arguments,

And the family drama that comes out probably because of your drunk aunt.

Mom makes you try all the dishes your relatives brought

While your cousin brags about her awesome success in school while you’re struggling to pass Introduction to Statistics

Which sometimes can end in a jealousy fight.

But hey,

And everyone is happy to travel near or far to be with their dysfunctional family

And after a filling and immobilizing dinner,

You can look forward to those leftovers

Just make sure to protect them with your life

and once Thanksgiving is over, that only means one thing

Happy holidays from us at Spoon University! Hope they're filled with great friends and lots of food :)