The first few months of college are filled with fun and friends, but they aren’t always that easy. Although you may miss your school, here are a few reasons you shouldn’t take your first Thanksgiving break for granted:

1. Big bed, hot shower, and all the amenities.

Dorm rooms are uncomfortable, crammed, and downright too small for anything. It’s like living in a bubble. The bed is not what you’re used to nor is it very comfortable, and showering with flip flops is both annoying and inconvenient. Finally, you start to get used to these things and just as you’re ready for an actual good night’s sleep in your twin XL size bed, thanksgiving break hits you in the face. You now have to get re-used to your bedroom at home. You sit on your bed, and sink down forgetting how much you loved it.

When it’s time for a nice hot shower, walking from your room to the bathroom, and stepping under the water, BAREFOOT, is the best feeling ever. Also, don’t forget about all the other amenities that you just can’t have at school. Drawers of lotions, perfumes, and makeup. Closets of hair care products and random but necessary bottles. Take as many barefoot showers as you can because it doesn’t get much better than that!

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Caroline Ingalls

2. Friends, family, and fun.

The friends you make your first semester freshman year may or may not last throughout the rest of college. But, they’re there to help you get through the hard beginnings, and hopefully to see the happy endings. As much as you love them, nothing compares to the feeling of coming home for the first time in 3 months and seeing your best friend in person instead of on FaceTime. 

It doesn’t feel like that long since you’ve seen him or her, and you probably don’t have any new stories from the last time you talked (3 days ago). But, being able to go out and do things with each other is nothing like going out with school friends.

Home friends are forever, as is family. Sure, they’re annoying and ask a million questions, but you love them, and are thankful for them anyway. Without them, you wouldn’t be at your dream school having the best time. Sitting at a table, surrounded by people you know love you and are proud of you is an irreplaceable feeling.

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Denise Uy

3. Eats, Eats, Eeeeeats!!

Home cooked meals and all your favorite restaurants. Need I say more? Dining hall food is bad. We all know that. Of course, there are ways to make it better, but it’s still not good. Especially compared to mom’s home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner, and I'm not just talking about the turkey. I’m all for the side dishes—sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, yum!! You can’t forget about the places you and friends always went. Deli sandwiches and acai bowls are a must when you’re home for break.

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Alison Weissbrot

4. Sit back and Relax…

The best part about break, aside from the food, is the chance to just chill for a week. College is stressful, especially first semester freshman year. There’s always pressure to do well, and you’re eager to take up as many credits and clubs as possible. Whether or not you’re loaded with work or just have a few papers to write, there never seems to be any downtime to sit and relax. Over this break you learn that you sometimes overwork yourself, and that taking a night off to Netflix and chill (alone or with someone) is perfectly acceptable. Some professors assign work over break, but it’s never a ridiculous amount. So, there is still time to relax, especially after you’ve stuffed yourself with yummy home-cooked meals. 

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Julia Gilman