Whether we've seen the movie or not, we've all heard the famous line, "There's no place like home," from The Wizard of Oz. But what exactly does the word "home" mean for a college student?

Every freshman wants to feel at home in college right from the start. However, between living on their own for the first time, dealing with an overwhelming rush of new responsibilities, and leaving behind friends and family in another city, state, or even country, it is easy for freshmen to struggle with homesickness. 

As a current freshman who moved out-of-state to attend my university, I can 100% relate to any and all of your homesickness feels. Being away from everything you know is tough! It didn't take me long to discover that if I couldn't be at home, my best option was to bring home to me. And let me tell you, it has worked wonders.

I devised these simple tips to make my college dorm room feel more like home, and they have definitely helped lessen my homesickness and make college feel like a place where I belong. I hope that they can do the same for you! 

Don't Ditch Your Home Decor

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Lexi Shepherd

So many students are jumping to do a complete bedroom decor overhaul when they move to college for the first time. And, granted, some new decor is good! But what about the little plant you loved to see sitting on your bedroom window? What about your favorite decorative pillow, or the quilt you burrowed under every day? Consider including a few of your most beloved decorative novelties from home in your dorm decor. Seeing these simple decorations will bring a smile to your face and make you feel connected to home. 

Delve Into DIY

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Lexi Shepherd

It's no secret that DIY (or "do it yourself") projects have been widely popular for years now. What you might not know, however, is that DIY projects can be the perfect way to make your college dorm room feel like a home.  By making DIY decorations for your dorm, you push yourself to become more invested in the process of furnishing your room and making it feel like home. When you see your DIY pieces completed and in place, you'll feel proud of your work and connected to your new space. Consider making a flower monogram like I did, or check out Pinterest for more DIY college dorm ideas. 

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

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Lexi Shepherd

Pictures are one of the most common and popular ways to make your college dorm room feel more like home. Bring framed photos or canvases of yourself with family, friends, and even pets to help chase homesickness away. Want to go a step further? Consider making a "support wall" like I did! Print out photos of the people in your life who support you, whether they be family, friends, teachers, or people from your community. With some clear Commando hooks, fishing line, tape, and time, you can create a beautiful picture decoration that will make home seem closer than before.

Stock Up On Your Favorite At-Home Snacks

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Jocelyn Hsu

College comes with many freedoms. One of the main ones that we students get pumped up about is the freedom to eat whatever we want. While it's certainly tempting to order in pizza delivery or Chinese takeout every night, think beyond that for a moment. What food traditions did your family have at home? Did you snack on fruit or trail mix every day after school? Did Friday nights at your house mean movies and freshly popped popcorn? Next time you head to your closest grocery store for some shopping, stock up on the food items that you remember fondly or miss the most from home. Continuing your food traditions, such as movies and popcorn on Fridays, can be a great way to make your dorm life feel connected to home. They don't call it "comfort food" for nothing!

Bring Your Favorite Memories With You 

Katelyn Bonanno

Let's be real, some of us aren't ready to leave high school behind. If you made some of the best memories of your life thus far in high school, it's hard to move forward. With that in mind, bring some of your high school memorabillia with you.  If you're a major hoarder of all your high school t-shirts (like me), a t-shirt quilt could be perfect for your dorm room. There are plenty of t-shirt quilt tutorials on Pinterest for you to tackle alone or with a friend from home or college. Surrounded by your fave high school memories, you're bound to feel more at home in no time.

Ultimately, the #1 thing for all homesick freshmen to remember is that you are not alone. There are so many students struggling to feel at home in college, just like you. With patience and time, you will come to feel at home not only in your college dorm, but in your new life overall. Hopefully, these tips for making your college dorm room feel more like home will help you reach that milestone sooner.