In today's world, it seems as though students are living in a perpetual state of stress. You have to ace your classes, find an internship, participate in extracurriculars, find a job, and manage a social life, all while getting a healthy eight hours of sleep every night. With so many responsibilities and societal demands, many forget the equal value of self-care. It is important to know how to handle stress because it can cause serious health problems and mental disorders

One of the greatest lessons I learned in college is that you need to remember to take care of yourself. When I am overwhelmed, my favorite activity is journaling. I was curious to learn how other college students coped with stress, so I asked around for some helpful advice. 

Treat yourself

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Micaela Petrucci

L: "When I get stressed sometimes, I will eat a whole pizza. It just makes me feel like everything is going to be okay for a moment."

B: "My favorite things to eat [when stressed] are chocolate and pretzels or ice cream."

Get organized

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Agnes Kwak

E: "Being able to physically see what I have to do sets my mind at ease. Seeing assignments written down on paper makes them less intimidating, and I can easily visualize exactly what needs to be done. Plus, being able to cross things off once you finish is an added bonus!"

Listen to Music 

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Kelsey Coughlin

E: "When I listen to music, I focus on the different tones and beats, and that gives my brain something to focus on other than all the stressful things I have to do. It allows me to just lay down and relax while being transported to another world through sound."


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Lucy Carlisle

J: "Volunteering allows me to de-stress from school and steer my focus towards helping others; it's a reminder of why I aim to help others in the future by studying both Environmental Science and Sustainability and Education."

Call your mom

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Agnes Kwak

E: "For some reason it took me 20 years to finally accept that your mom is always right. She's been with me through more than anyone else has, so hearing her voice and listening to her advice calms my nerves. If my mom believes everything is going to be okay, the situation must not be as bad as I'm making it out to be."

Take a walk

Agnes Kwak

E: "Fresh air has to be the most underrated stress reliever out there. Simply walking outside for a few minutes, helps my mind put things into perspective. There's a lot going on in the world and the least I can do is focus on my work and get my life together."

Go to the gym/play sports

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Nicole Laszlo

B: "Going to the gym forces me to clear my mind and focus on me and my wellbeing for an hour or two every day."

R: "When [playing soccer] on the field, my head and thoughts just feel clear and relaxed because I'm doing what I love most."

Practice a passion

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Timothy Kutchner

A: "When [playing music], I'm putting myself into a different mental state that doesn't consider schoolwork."

Take the night off

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Alex Frank

A: "To handle stress, I find myself seeking activities that allow me to escape and forget about those sources of stress. The greatest separation is often partying: to take a Friday night off from your responsibilities, drink, and be with friends is a common thing for myself and many other college students. Of course, going overboard and becoming very hungover makes the next day suck."

S: "If I'm stressed, I'll usually take a nap. It lets me get away from everything for a little bit and allows me to clear my head."

These are just a few ways to cope with stress, but every individual finds comfort in different ways. It is important to take the time to listen to your body and find time for fun and relaxation to maintain a healthy life. Otherwise, you could end up losing a few front teeth, like Demi Moore