The sun has at last set on the never-ending 2016 presidential election. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Donald Trump pulled out a win over Hillz. Since no polls called a Trump win, the nation experienced a bit of shock and awe.

Throughout the election turmoil, a range of celebrities like Lena Dunham, George Lopez, and even Ruth Bader Ginsberg joked about leaving the country if Trump won. As the Trump train kept full speed ahead, this idea took root throughout the country and many ordinary people, like you and I, began looking to our northern neighbor for refuge.

Fast-forward to election night, and as the numbers began pointing to a Trump victory, Canada’s immigration page flooded with activity. The page was so overloaded it actually crashed.

While many will not live up to their threats, an eye has been turned toward Canada, so why not give them a chance to show us what they have to offer (food-wise of course). While I'm just as "My Country 'Tis of Thee" as the next American, a little change of scenery might just be what our minds (and stomachs) are looking for.  

So go ahead and plan a short trip, an extended stay, or perhaps a permanent residence up north, and give these four Canadian dishes a try. Or just make 'em at home and stream Being Canadian while getting your grub on.

1.) Poutine

poutine, gravy, sauce, waffle
Adeena Zeldin

FRENCH FRIES GOOD. GRAVY GOOD. CHEESE CURDS GOOD. Adding them together makes Poutine, which is good good good. Not to be confused with Putin, this dish may raise your blood pressure, but just take an antacid and you'll be fine. Try this outrageous poutine pizza hybrid, and I dare you to hold back your tears as you experience peak food bliss.

2.) Maple leaf cookies

cookie, chocolate, sweet, pastry, candy, cake
Katie Lee

The maple leaf is a national symbol of Canadian pride, and maple syrup is the sweet nectar of the gods. Try this recipe for Maple cinnamon sweet potato cookies and bring along a few dozen to share to become an instant hit with your new neighbors.

3.) Beaver Tails

Known as Canadian fried dough, or Beaver Tails more specifically, this sweet snack is dough stretched to resemble a beaver's tail, deep friend, coated in cinnamon sugar, and layered with all the toppings of your heart's desire. Try this easy Beaver Tail recipe that saves time by using pre made pizza dough.

4.) Montreal Bagels

While it may be hard to turn your back on faithful New York Bagels, it won't take long for this dense, sweet bagel to find its way into your heart. The perk of the Montreal Bagel is that you can spare the extra charge for toppings because the bagel has enough flavor on its own. Try this recipe and forego your morning bagel stop.