Donald Trump is a name everyone knows. Although he is the GOP Nominee for President, you probably didn't know that Trump is a "uge" food connoisseur. He started his own steak company in 2007, which Mr. Trump labeled the "world's greatest," so who could argue? (The steaks were so glamorous, that they sold for $300-$1,000, and were discontinued after two months.)

In addition to his steak biz, he also got his hands dirty while launching Trump Vodka: "Success distilled." Trump predicted the "T and T" (Trump and Tonic) to be the #1 drink at the time.

But for real, besides being a billionaire, Trump is just like us. He orders his steak well done, munches on fast food constantly, and eats pizza crust first. Straight savage.

I was able to acquire this list of Donald Trump's favorite foods, aka the foods to success. Read along to be inspired.


candy, sweet, chocolate, cake, strawberry, goody
Vernell Dunams

Donald's motto: fill it with bologna. Trump airlines, Trump mortgage, Trump University... filled with bologna. We saw the presidential candidate take this to the next level when he filled his entire campaign platform with bologna.

Cocktail Weenies

sweet, milk, cream
Vernell Dunams

Little weenies only go one way for Mr. Trump. Don't be fooled by what Marco Rubio may lead you to believe, Trump assured us "there's no problem there." Whether it's covered in bbq sauce or coming out the can, Donald is devouring his little weenies.


Vernell Dunams

Did you think that stuff on top of Donald Trump's head was hair? It's actually the corn silk pictured in the photo above. He obviously doesn't eat it off the cob, definitely has it sliced off and put on a plate. No doubt. 


vegetable, carrot, pasture
Vernell Dunams

Many people think Don's skin coloring comes from decades of spray tanning. WRONG. It actually comes from the massive amounts of carrots Mr. Trump consumes.

Manwich on White Bread

toast, bread, sandwich, wheat
Vernell Dunams

I'm not sure if you're aware of this fact, but Donald Trump is MAN. The only way to become a man of such...stature, is to consume the quality ingredients of white bread and Manwich. If it was called Womanwich do you think Don would dive in like a straight savage? Definitely not.

Mexican cuisine

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Vernell Dunams

Trump loves chomping down on some dank taco bowls. Trump loves Hispanics, and protecting Mexican immigrants is top priority for Trump. Trump even serves up the "world's best" taco bowls in Trump Tower. Shout out to the hombres.