America has a lot of old laws on the books ranging from the outdated to the truly bizarre. Check out some of my favorite weird food laws, and make sure not to break any…

Alabama: Don’t Keep Ice Cream in Your Back Pocket

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Photo by Megs Rowley

It is illegal in Alabama (and Georgia and Kentucky) for an ice cream cone to be in a person’s back pocket. Apparently, people used to do this to steal horses, but how many people had to try this to get it banned in at least three states?

Alaska: Do Not Feed the Animals… Alcohol

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It is considered an offense to feed alcoholic beverages to a moose. This one’s just common sense; who wants a drunk moose running around?

Connecticut: The Pickle Must Bounce

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Photo by Cat Kinney

Connecticut is serious about their pickles; in order for a pickle to officially be considered a pickle, it must bounce. They’re also not allowed to sell pickles, salsa, and jam at roadside stands (small farmers have no corner on the pickle market).

Florida: Racy Hot-Dog Vendors are a Traffic Hazard

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Photo by Alexandra Wee

In Broward County, Florida it is illegal for hot-dog vendors to wear inappropriate attire. Anything that reveals cleavage or the buttocks is not allowed. I’m in favor of this since the only hot-dog vendors I’ve encountered are men.

Georgia: The Only (Legal) Way to Eat Fried Chicken

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Photo by Caroline Vangsnes

In Georgia it is illegal to eat fried chicken with anything other than your fingers. Try these Copycat Chick-fil-A sandwiches and flout the laws of Georgia in your own home.

Hawaii: No Double Fisting Here

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In Hawaii it’s apparently illegal to have more than one alcoholic drink in front of you at a time. No, shots and a chaser are not allowed in paradise.

Idaho: Small Boxes of Candy are Not Allowed

Photo by John Hritz

In Idaho there is a law stating a man may not give his sweetheart a box of candy weighing less than fifty pounds. Men pay attention: if you’re in Idaho on Valentine’s Day, be sure to weigh your heart-shaped boxes of chocolate before you give them to your boo.

Illinois: The Roof is on Fire

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Chicago forbids eating in a place that is on fire. Personally, I love eating in burning buildings but apparently Illinois needs to take away the simple pleasures in life.

Indiana: Be Careful Where You Eat Watermelon

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Photo by Katherine Baker

In Beech Grove, Indiana it is illegal to eat watermelons in a park. Park officials created this ban when they noticed the rinds were puncturing the trash bags and making a huge mess.

Iowa: No More Ice Cream Man

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Photo by Rob Sinclair

Indianola, Iowa has banned the “Ice Cream Man” and his truck. This one is still being enforced as of last year and a local ice cream shop is trying to fight it.

Kansas: What Not to Do Around a Vending Machine

Photo by Leo Reynolds

Hitting a vending machine that stole your money is illegal in Derby, Kansas. This one’s for your own safety people; every year 2-3 people die trying to get their revenge on the greedy vending machine. Don’t be that sad and bizarre statistic; move to Kansas. I’ll only attack a vending machine if it’s holding a burrito hostage.

Louisiana: Surprise Pizza is Cause for a Fine

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Photo by Emily Waples

In Louisiana be careful who you send pizza, or even an Edible Arrangement, to. It is illegal to order “goods and services” to be delivered to a person without them knowing and you can incur a $500 fine.

Maine: Making Clam Chowder

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In Maine, tomatoes are prohibited from being used in clam chowder. They take their “chowdah” very seriously and tomatoes in it is a barbaric New York thing.

Mississippi: The Right to Super-Size Me

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Mississippi is fighting the health food trend with its “Anti-Bloomberg Bill.” The Bloomberg Bill cuts down on the salt content in fast food. They’ve placed a ban on any laws banning large-portion sizes and other food regulations. They want to make sure their state is free to drink all the extra-large soft drinks their hearts’ desire.

Wisconsin: Butter is Banned for Inmates… and Patients, and Students

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Photo by Kristin Arbutina

In Wisconsin inmates, patients, and students are not allowed to be served margarine. Dairy farmers got super anxious about the new product on the market and well, Wisconsin is all about the dairy.

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